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Case Creation Interface

The case creation screen is split into 2 sections.

  1. The properties window.

  2. The content window.

Case Properties

This section contains the case properties and is customizable based on the case category.

Global Fields

Case CategoryDefines the type of case this is and what policy to use.
Hot TopicQuickly find a hot topic going on right now.  These topics are pre-created global templates that fill out all of your case details for you.
Customer SearchSearch for a customer by the company name, contact name or the contact email.
Add / Update CompanyYou can add of update a company by clicking the add/update company button beside the customer search drop down. 


Select an existing contact for the selected company.

Activity Type

What type of activity this is. 
Time SpentThis is an auto-calculated field that if not filled in will calculate how long is spent creating this case.


Attach files to the activity you are creating with this new case.  If you are sending attachments to a customer via email you can attachment them in this tab.  You can insert inline images after you upload them or insert the link to the file using the insert button here : 


You can create and manage your templates from this tab.  Templates are an easy way to quickly fill out case information quickly on commonly used topics.


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