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Supportbench 12.0 Release notes

Highlighted Features:

AI Columns (for AI Add-on only)

We've introduced dynamic columns that intelligently analyze your tickets and provide suggestions on when a knowledge base article should be created for the solutions found within the ticket. Additionally, it helps you determine whether the article should be internal-only or made available to your external users.

These new columns can now be added to your Data views or Case list defaults. They provide at-a-glance insights into cases that contain any data and whether an internal or external article creation is recommended.

Create cases on emails forwarded into email route

You asked, we listened! Now, with Supportbench, you can easily make cases from forwarded emails. It's as simple as forwarding an email – the system takes care of the rest. The case gets created using the info from the forwarded email, like who it's about and what it's regarding. We're all about making things easier for you, and this feature does just that.

To set this feature, you'll have to navigate to Email Configuration > Routes > Enter into your Route and check this box here:

Company/Contact Attachments Tab

You can now easily store data such as files and attachments within a contact or companies profile. All you have to do is click the "Files" Tab and "Upload"!



Once you've clicked Upload, you can either drag and drop your files or click select. And they'll be stored in a cozy table within your contact or company profile!



Workflow trigger on merge

Of course, we had to go ahead and add even more options to our already extensive workflow feature! You can now trigger workflows on merges, meaning you can automate your instance even more.


Out of office Replies

We decided to make it easy for agents to add an out of office reply to their Supportbench profile, especially handy for if agents are on vacation or sick.



New Features

SB-2432 Create new schema for cases and company and contact attachments

SB-2434 New company attachments tab

SB-2564 ability for cases created from the portal to include the initial email content in the reply pane (to refer to)

SB-2565 Contact - Add the ability for an agent to add / remove contact as a watcher on the contact record itself.

SB-2566 Contact - New column available within the contact list to show if they are a company watcher.

SB-2579 ability to edit an activity (internal note) and add a file/attachment

SB-2625 Workflows - Trigger on company and contact association. You can now trigger on whether a contact or company is associated on a case.

SB-2645 New contact attachments tab

SB-2673 Add case activity/notification if an outgoing email fails

SB-2679 Email - Ability to create cases on emails forwarded into an email route

SB-2688 Workflow - 2 new workflow options for triggering on merge

SB-2692 Email - On an email failure, an activity is now created on case with the fail details

SB-2703 Profile - New out of office feature within the profile tab allowing agents to set OOO replies, and transfer cases back to their previously set queues.

SB-2708 Portal - Customers are able to login via Office 365 / MS authentication

SB-2709 Portal - Ability to add a phone number to the signup page

SB-1330 Agents can view all KPI scorecards, new role setting to limit access to only view their own scores

SB-1451 New draft mode on activities to allow activities to live in draft until closure.

Improvements 📈

SB-2345 Ability to mark Outgoing Emails as High Importance/Urgence similar to outlook.

SB-2364 Add a team member so you can assign a view to someone in your organization for example a VP.

SB-2452 AI - Migrate OpenAI Divinchi prompts to Chat GPT 3.5 Turbo for summarizations and sentiment

SB-2524 Ability to include fields within the survey question

SB-2526 Datatables - Ability to sort column headers

SB-2537 Add subject line to Custom Activity Types

SB-2539 Instead of having “Select a divison” be a dropdown menu that only lets you pick one selection, this should be a multi-select list.

SB-2546 Company view - Related companies now a searchable, sortable grid

SB-2562 Case field - allow case issue type to be saved to blank from the case view screen

SB-2567 Portal - Added year to liquid template

SB-2568 Portal - Add the ability for a company admin to add themselves as a case watcher within their profile section in the portal.

SB-2569 Contact - Once a contact is a watcher, new cases created will automatically add company watchers as a secondary contact. This allows agents to remove them if needed from cases.

SB-2578 Integration - HTML fields within the Azure Devops are now HTML fields within Supportbench

SB-2582 Make contact sort order alphabetical

SB-2583 the "relpy all" thread is not showing all emails that were cc'd in the previous email activity.

SB-2953 Slack - When creating new cases within Slack, no email address is needed and the case will be created based on the user in Slack

SB-2594 Slack - When an agent replies within Slack, on an existent case within the case thread, the activity is added as a Slack reply from the agent

SB-2597 Azure DevOps - Commenting on fields can now be done within HTML

SB-2598 Azure DevOps - New workitem activities now include ALL fields within the creation list

SB-2599 Case view - New drag handles on integration panels to make them resizable

SB-2604 Search - Ability to filter on Asset Category when searching on cases

SB-2605 Editor - New full screen option when creating new activities

SB-2623 Chat - Chat activities have a new button to load the chat within the chat console

SB-2642 Search - New case filter to search by case owner

SB-2646 Contact - update icons to modern theme

SB-2651 Account - Ability to set a default time zone within the account policy section

SB-2652 Account - Ability to set a default phone area code within the account policy section

SB-2653 Account - New account policy with the ability to set the purge date of audit entry for performance reasons

SB-2664 Formatting gets lost on notes

SB-2672 Data tables - New full screen popup within the case and case addition

SB-2680 Company watcher only works on ALL Manually created new cases as opposed to ALL new cases.

SB-2693 KPIs - New weeks option within the case scorecard for years and improved labels

SB-2700 Case view - Within the activity history, on custom activity types, subject line doesnt save or display within the activity history

SB-2704 Search - Activity search when viewing a case did not search on the activity id

SB-1377 Score Card - Add KPI for First Contact Resolution (FCR)

SB-1378 Dashboard - Add KPI for First Contact Resolution (FCR)

SB-1442 Ability to add / remove agents from teams from within the team screens

Now Fixed ✌️

SB-2514 Inconsistent workflow notifications

SB-2522 Scorecards - Division score card was not being calculated properly

SB-2525 Scorecards - The first time time is SLA is now being used instead of the response time in a 24h clock if the first response sla is used.

SB-2527 Occasionally, when adding attachments to escalations, the window will close

SB-2528 Billing - Custom packages do not appear within the billing section

SB-2529 Article editor - Allows saving articles with NO subject line

SB-2530 Unable to remove teams from data views

SB-2532 Customer view - Columns are still visible if they are disabled within a customer policy

SB-2538 When viewing division scorecards, nothing happens when you click "Show scorecard targets"

SB-2541 De-Escalated Cases Count” and “De-Escalation Rate” both show no or skewed data

SB-2542 Article = The article sometimes does load completly until a screen refresh

SB-2543 Workflows - Activities created within the customer portal are triggering workflows twice

SB-2545 The dashboard and KPI show inconsistencies in SLA calculation

SB-2547 Article - When an article is sent back for review when that agent does not have editing permissions, the article is unable to be updated by that owner

SB-2548 Article - When multiple review comments are placed within its review, it will display multiple times in the review list

SB-2549 Billing - when trying to add new agents on the new billing system, the old one will popup within the agent interface

SB-2550 Roles - role to only agents to view their own scorecards is not always functioning

SB-2560 The Asset Listing has Visibility set to Everywhere regardless of whether the visibility is Internal Only.

SB-2563 Workflows - custom fields and issue type sometimes do not trigger the case update workflow

SB-2571 Audit trail - Minutes and seconds don't display 0's

SB-2590 Knowledgebase search within UI only yields search results when using article IDS

SB-2592 If the prefix is not included while moving an activity to another case, the activity will disappear

SB-2595 KB - when using multiple divisions, some containers may not display

SB-2596 Calendar - Events may not display when DST is changing

SB-2600 Adjusting KB width truncates the article

SB-2613 SLAs - Slas don't clear after manually altering and removing the date

SB-2614 Views - When a quote is within the company name, it can break when editing the view

SB-2615 Case View - When you click on reply on a incoming portal case, the editor sometimes doesn't load

SB-2616 Case Policy - When force activity type to be selected on case view is enabled, portal replies can sometimes not load when clicking the reply button

SB-2617 Portal - The attachments tab won't let you scroll past a certain point with lots of attachments

SB-2618 Chat - When viewing a chat, the avatar initials are displaying the customers and not the agents name

SB-2619 Portal - When administrating the attachments, new Copy button will copy the URL of the attachment making it easy to use elsewhere

SB-2627 Chat - In the console, chat's can fail when apostrophe is within the message

SB-2641 Workflow - When triggering workflows in case add with a custom field, workflows may not trigger

SB-2642 Admin - When a case state is linked to multiple divisions, it may fail to show

SB-2647 Customer Policy - Mobile phone numbers is not displayed even when it's within the policy

SB-2648 Company view - Companies with no contacts, the contacts page does not load

SB-2649 Dashboard - Some widgets fail to load

SB-2654 Dashboard - The activity count widget will not load when no activites have been created over the last 7 days

SB-2656 Portal - Attachments display a size of 0

SB-2657 Case List - Case list sometimes does not refresh the case list screen on new notifications

SB-2658 Activities - When parsing email replies, proccess was slow and very resource intensive

SB-2663 Cannot see content in some imported cases due to a field that was used to import them

SB-2666 KB not fully loading

SB-2667 SDV Run times suddenly sporadic

SB-2668 Some widgets (agent activity) does not load for agents

SB-2669 Two-factor authentication broken

SB-2676 Azure DevOps - Projects with spaces can break submitting new work items

SB-2682 SLA - SLA date is being calculated incorrectly with case states and is now being calculated based on the last start date of the new SLA start status

SB-2685 Devops - fields sometimes fail to load when the base64 check returns true when it's not

SB-2686 SAML - Contacts are not auto created on SAML logins within the portal if authenticated

SB-2687 Workflow - Tags are created and then removed if you do both actions at the same time

SB-2689 Mobile - iOS notifications sometimes are not being received

SB-2690 Case list - Bulk responses within the case list not working reliably

SB-2691 Configuration - New notification activity type

SB-2696 There is no "global" template. Templates will always default to the agents assigned division

SB-2705 Portal - Messages could fail to display on certain HTML characters

SB-2706 DNS - CNAME DNS creation not being created on proper data centers

SB-2707 Email - Incoming emails can fail if not HTML or Plain Text bodies are present but attachments are

SB-2710 Company view - Statistics are sometimes not accurate or loading

SB-2711 Contact view - Statistics are sometimes not accurate or loading

SB-2712 Search - searching a case id with a lower c vs a capital C create inconsistent results

SB-2713 Views - When adding a new scheduled view, the page does not reload to the newly created view.

SB-2714 Timezones - In some areas, dates are not taking into account the correct DST of timezones in DST

SB-2715 Case view - Reply All doesnt always add the secondary contacts to the activity email list

SB-2717 Scorecard - On certain cards, the timespent displayed was calculated in minutes rather then seconds distorting the time

SB-1347 Custom field data for companies are getting entered as custom fields linked to contacts

SB-1361 Dashboard case count discrepancy from views

SB-2214 Workflow for notifying on articles submission for review will fire off on the first submission review, but wont fire on any other submission if returned back to the author for changes.

SB-2718 Case view - If the case summary is large, the case fields are not scrollable on small screens.





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