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2022.10.05 Supportbench release

Highlighted Features:

We wanted to take Supportbench to the next level when it comes to delivering the best customer experience possible.

So, within this highlighted feature section, we're going to talk about two brand new integrations we've just finished. Both are going to be wicked for our clients that use these softwares.

Firstly: Our native Intercom integration.  This is probably the easiest setup we have, simply navigate to Configuration > Integration > Intercom, click the big Slack button and follow the prompts. Easy.

Here's the breakdown: 

  • Initiated chats will get created as cases.
  • Chats are created as chat activities with the chat summary within it.
  • Offline chats within Intercom are converted into cases and sent into the default queue.
  • Chat surveys are recorded against the activity for dashboard and analytics.


Next, we have our Azure DevOps Integration. Here's the breakdown:

The Supportbench to Azure DevOps integration helps to optimize the communication channels between users of DevOps and those within Customer support.  When DevOps is installed, the integration allows:

  • Multi-organizations
  • Multi-projects
  • Subscriptions for real-time case updates on DevOps changes
  • Creation of DevOps work items within cases
  • Linking of DevOps items to cases
  • Creation of DevOps work items within workflows
  • Attachment uploads to DevOps work items
  • Real-time status of DevOps work items within cases and case views
  • Ability to map DevOps fields to Supportbench fields
  • Set DevOps work item defaults

To catch the setup, head to our knowledgebase here: ar-232 - Azure DevOps (supportbench.net)



New features

SB-2216 Native Intercom Integration
SB-2151 New security role setting to enable/disable the ability for an agent to create new activities, but still create new cases

SB-2132 New customer portal policy open on case option to add secondary contacts / CC others on a case being created

SB-2126 Ability to format search result title with variables

SB-2100 A new role permission that allows agents to create/update personal templates

SB-2040 Ability to restrict a customer portal / community by customer role



SB-2208 Give agents the option to include inactive assets

SB-2176 A way for users (not admins) to archive articles .. but only articles created/assigned by them.

SB-2164 If required, (in the new UI) there is no indication that the issue field should be filled before creating a case.

SB-2161 Add the case owner to the cases search results

SB-2159 View dropdown menu is too small to read the full name of the view

SB-2158 Slight delay when clicking the search bar in the new UI

SB-2150 Ability for templates that copy a case, to assign owners to a task in that template or leave them un assigned

SB-2131 Add the activity id to the activity history list

SB-2123 When a survey visibility role option is disabled, no survey fields, views, or scores should be visible anywhere

SB-2114 Duplicate contacts/emails within Reply To/CC fields when creating email activity

SB-2097 Make it so that agents can see the external asset name in the asset dropdown within case summary

SB-2035 Attached files and videos are appearing to light and are being missed by some agents.


Now fixed✌️

SB-2215 When changing a company within a case, the logo and name do not change without a refresh within the new UI

SB-2214 Workflow for notifying on articles submission for review will fire off on the first submission review, but wont fire on any other submission if returned back to the author for changes.

SB-2204 Case agent filter within the customer portal doesnt work for company administrators

SB-2203 Cannot pull asset data via API call

SB-2199 Case links are not displayed within exports when certain settings are set

SB-2198 Case activity email searching is displaying deleted contacts within the email list

SB-2194 Cases duplicating in search results

SB-2193 The Asset and Project fields would show in the customer portal even tho the modules were not enabled

SB-2192 URL custom fields would not display within the customer portal case view

SB-2191 The public flag is not set properly on some types of activities when a case is created manually

SB-2190 Activity list within a case can include contacts that have been deleted

SB-2187 Unable to assign case to agent when case is in queue API

SB-2186 The community container list tag does not check for the requierment of community containers

SB-2185 Adding A CC address to a notification can sometimes fail

SB-2181 When you transfer an article back to the author, they cannot edit it. This only applies to the Transfer feature

SB-2180 Open the KB and go to All Articles > Pending Review, the “Modified By” column is blank.

SB-2179 Article preview doesn't show edits

SB-2178 Article edits are lost when assigning back to author

SB-2169 The "Mention Someone" box for the "Discuss" field within a case is not populating results

SB-2168 When creating a new outbound email activity in a case, the display will show the primary contacts name as opposed to who the email was sent to.

SB-2165 When you enter a case and click on the "Contact" or "Company" drop down to associate a watcher, you receive an error.

SB-2157 Customer portal case replies sometimes do not send notifications back to the agent

SB-2155  Article and JIRA filters within the main search were unable to be minimized

SB-2154 Unable to search on articles within the main search bar when articles specifically is selected

SB-2153 Embedded file links within activities are not clickable within the portal

SB-2152 Cases are not automatically being linked on new article creation from cases

SB-2149 typo in case c-688428 jenz

SB-2147 When submitting an article for review, the status is wrong in the "All articles" tab. It reads as "published"

SB-2146 When the permission "Articles created require review before publishing" is set on a role, when creating an article and saving it as a draft, the status says “Published”

SB-2142 Articles that are submitted for review do not appear within the "Pending Review" tab/group.

SB-2136 Contact type is being displayed as the status in the company summary tab

SB-2135 Contact summary tab never loaded custom fields listed within the policy

SB-2134 Company type is being displayed as the status in the company summary tab

SB-2133 Company summary tab never loaded custom fields listed within the policy

SB-2130 When the option to read the entire activity history is set rather than just viewing an activity, the formatting is not intuitive and sometimes breaks

SB-2129 Ability to re-sync a CRM linked company within a company update page

SB-2128 Templates are not editable for agents that are assigned a template unless they have global rights

SB-2127 Templates are not able to be created until full role rights were assigned to the user role

SB-2124 Sentiment / Emotional scoring was still enabled even when health scoring was disabled

SB-2120 The Triggered by Workflow field within data views yields no results.

SB-2102 Delete survey button not actually deleting surveys

SB-2093 When a workflow is hit with the "Stop when hit" rule is on, the hit is not logged within the audit trail

SB-2088 Due to updates to Case Search when searching for a case id the list is sorted wrong

SB-2057 Companies missing CSM after due to sync

SB-2056 Companies duplicated in Jenz Sandbox instance

SB-2055 Text displays for special characters are changed after editing an activity within a case

SB-2053 If you enter a case and reply to a inbound email, change the TO address from the case contacts address to another address, and send a reply, the contacts name doesn't change within the activity

SB-2052 Link types not appearing under actions > related items - can't tell what the link type is.

SB-2051 When sending an outbound email activity, if you change the default reply address to your personal and respond, the receivers inbound response goes to your outlook email and not into SB

SB-2050 Warning tag on some emails

SB-2043 JIRA formatting doesn't carry over to SB

SB-2032 Activity crashes when inserting signature

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