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2022.06.03 Supportbench Release



This releases highlighted features include one of the biggest and most exciting transitions in Supportbench history. It is the release of our new clean, compact and modern, BETA UI! 

Simply click your logo in the top left corner of your command center and make the switch to the BETA anytime.



Another thing we want to highlight is the ability to enable and disable assets and their categories without having to constantly remove and re-add them in your profile!

This little feature is extremely handy if you're organizing your agents workload by assets, effectively improving your asset management and giving you and your agents more flexibility to quickly assign what assets they are responsible for on the fly.  

Simply navigate to your Profile Assets, and click the check beside the assigned Asset or Asset Category in order to turn off that asset at any given time.



 New features

SB-2029 Capability to export all contacts/companies with one page - exceed the 2500 limit.
SB-2010 New API call to retrieve a contact list by created or modified date

SB-2009 New API call to retrieve a company list by created or modified date

SB-1988 Ability to enable / disable assets or their categories from a user profile without having to remove / re-add the association

SB-1989 Azure DevOps API Integration
SB-1982  Add a "Created by" value to internal notes that appears within the case view. (pic for reference)

SB-1981 When you assign a secondary team to an agent, they would see that team’s members as well in their agent dropdown in cases and for agent transfers.

SB-1451 New draft mode on activities to allow activities to live in draft until closure.

SB-1330 Agents can view all KPI scorecards, new role setting to limit access to only view their own scores



SB-2017 Display external asset names within asset drop downs
SB-2004 Add new row within an article view to see what customer roles the article is restricted to

SB-1977 Agent roles section format and descriptions updated making it easier to know what the permission does

SB-1971 Ability to add multiple child tables to a parent data table

SB-1970 Ability to hide columns on data tables that dont have any values populated within them

SB-1961 Ability to filter what products to synchronize coming down from Salesforce

SB-1951 New payment gateway and payment portal for easier access and management to payment and invoicing

SB-1926 Auto-Assign new cases to agent that picks up chat within Chatra

SB-1925 Create cases on new chat initiation with Chatra integration

SB-1924 Append new chat fragments in real-time with Charta integration

SB-1922 Restriction of outgoing emails to 25MB or less matching all popular SMTP services including Office 365

SB-1442 Ability to add / remove agents from teams from within the team screens

SB-1378 Dashboard - Add KPI for First Contact Resolution (FCR)

SB-1377 Score Card - Add KPI for First Contact Resolution (FCR)


Now fixed✌️

SB-2031 Within the customer portal, the avatar images sometimes double load the avatar

SB-2030 Case tags will not save when viewing a case

SB-2027 Issues set with "All divisions" are not appearing / can't assign until a division is specified.

SB-2025 Disabling a portal user doesnt actually disable them. The user status in the portal shows Disabled but they can still login.

SB-2024 Company Cases list shows the owner of the case under Submitted By instead of the name of the contact who opened it.

SB-2022 When a portal user with company-wide access edits a user using the "Active" flag, it can disable the User.

SB-2021 My Requests and Company Cases tabs appear to show the same cases within community portal

SB-2014 Agents cannot edit drafted articles

SB-2013 The "All Divisions" issues option does not reflect on the portal. Only issues with explicit divisions reflect on the customer portal.

SB-2012 When adding a phrase the the sentiment exclusion NLP, the phrase was case sensitive and not always removed

SB-2008 There may be a situation that when a case is de-escalated, it assigns to no one rather than the previous owner

SB-2007 Phrase and keywords exclusions for sentiment / emotional scoring were being ignored

SB-2006 Article asset and category restrictions is not working in the public knowledge base

SB-2005 Article role restriction is not working in the public knowledge base

SB-2003 Error when adding the column contact count in community for a company in the company list

SB-2002 A contacts role does not display within the contact list even when selected

SB-2001 Unable to edit saved contact tags within a contact

SB-2000 When viewing a company or contact list, when adding tags to the list, it's always displayed blank

SB-1999 When viewing a company or contact list, when adding a role to the list, it's always displayed blank

SB-1987 New security permission to allows agents to disable / enable asset & asset category associations

SB-1986 Removing an asset association from a users profile does not work

SB-1985 Duplicate asset and asset categories can be added to a user profile

SB-1984 When a new case is created by an incoming email no flag regarding the activity public status is added to the activity. This results in the activity being private.

SB-1978 When replying to a new case within the community/customer portal, it shows the reply twice within comments

SB-1976 The "My Requests" page shows the number of activities in the case, including internal ones. This should show public activities only.

SB-1975 When a user is logged in, they can change the case ID in the URL. This will expose the subject of that case record in their browser tab. You can then make changes to a case even if you don't own it.

SB-1973 When a user comments on a case within a Community/Customer Portal, the status should change ( Like when receiving a new email - to active.) Currently it does not.

SB-1972 When a company or contact is updated, the audit log records the incorrect agent as the updater

SB-1964 When adding the solution flag column to an activity view, the view fails

SB-1963 Within the api, when calling an individual case with more than one tag, the api would error with a 400 response

SB-1960 Project and project version are not visible within the customer portal within the case view

SB-1959 Mapped custom field values are not displaying within the customer portal

SB-1957 If an agents name accidentally has double spaces in it, the agents initials break within their avatar image

SB-1956 When a column is selected in the case list before a module is disabled, the case list column visibility breaks

SB-1955 Salesforce object will sometimes not update properly

SB-1944 When changing a company from the case view, if the contact is not associated to the company, both the company and contact companies are displayed.

SB-1943 Chat activities in the case peek windows are not formatted correctly

SB-1941 When you set an issue type via the workflow, some other actions within the workflow are overridden

SB-1940 If an SLA has passed, the SLA will sometimes will disappear on a case update

SB-1939 When you set the priority from the case view, if a first sla response time is set, it is removed

SB-1938 Email reply address is wrong. Email reply's don't always default to the email address that it came in as

SB-1937 Color picker element in Support Level config pushes elements when opened

SB-1935 Adding and removing tags on case view doesn't trigger tag save

SB-1932 When creating a case manually, case allows creation with no email address when an outbound activity type is set

SB-1931 Unable to query Company or Contact objects from the API, returns 400

SB-1923 First Response SLAs don't fire when No other SLAs are present in the system

SB-1919 When editing an issue the current issue and any child issues show in the parent drop down

SB-1918 Within the Case Outcome settings the current item being edited is included in the dropdown

SB-1916 When impersonating a contact in the customer portal, the profile section reads as the agent not the person you are impersonating

SB-1915 Containers show duplicate articles if they are contained at the root level and a sub container

SB-1459 Ability to delete activities

SB-1361 Dashboard case count discrepancy from views

SB-1347 Custom field data for companies are getting entered as custom fields linked to contacts

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