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2022.03.02 - Supportbench release

Highlighted Features:

Last release we announced one of our most exciting new features, Health scoring and Health risks. Since then, we've been working hard on enhancing this powerful tool! Check out the video below. 








Time period selector: We've added a time period selector that allows you to review stats per month up to a year ago!

Normal risk option: We've added a more neutral option that can help assess the risk of your more quiet clients.

Edit button: We've placed an edit button within the Customers at Potential Risk list, so if you need to edit one of these companies risks, you don't need to navigate as much!

Next, we've a added a new button within cases that allows you to attach previous case activities! 

Just hit reply, and click these ellipses below! 

You'll have two options: "Include history - All activities" OR "Include history - External activities only."

By choosing one of these options, you can either add all activities or only external activities into your reply! 

New features

SB-1892 Only show tagged/linked articles in a parent container opposed to all articles in all containers.

SB-1878 When escalating a case, an option that says "Add me as a watcher"

SB-1857 When using the Email TO workflow requirement, if there was a deleted system email address that matches the requirement, the requirement would return true

SB-1849 After contact merge, the page should refresh and load the new parent record - it currently stays on the child record.

SB-1846 Manually typing in case number when merging cases causes old notification to appear as opposed to new one

SB-1836 Ability to select a specific month within the company health score lists

SB-1826 Time Period selector for Health Insights dashboard

SB-1823 If a collision is detected (or the case was very recently opened by another agent), SB warns the agent when they take ownership.

SB-1818 A Company Edit button within the Customers at Potential Risk list

SB-1806 Ability to associate assets to knowledge base articles

SB-1788 A confirmation screen when merging cases that consists of case number, contact, company name and subject for both cases so that you can see if you’ve made an error.

SB-1779 Cannot add a file path into Escalation comments.

SB-1451 New draft mode on activities to allow activities to live in draft until closure.

SB-1330 Agents can view all KPI scorecards, new role setting to limit access to only view their own scores




SB-1886 Calendar events and structure re-written to be much faster

SB-1879 Ability to export Calendar events to an XLS file

SB-1839 Add trend line to company insight overview page

SB-1838 Add trendline to customer scoring history dashboard

SB-1837 Health history months should be clickable

SB-1828 The merge window is slow to return a merge list when lots of cases are owned or within your work queues

SB-1815 New Normal risk option thats able to be set on a company health score

SB-1805 Knowledge review groups now have the ability to include assets or asset groups

SB-1797 Workflow containing NPS or CSAT check can sometimes throw an error

SB-1792 Upgraded Telerik toolset to latest version

SB-1791 Upgraded editor to include latest fixes

SB-1442 Ability to add / remove agents from teams from within the team screens

SB-1378 Dashboard - Add KPI for First Contact Resolution (FCR)

SB-1377 Score Card - Add KPI for First Contact Resolution (FCR)


Now fixed✌️

SB-1896 If you ungroup within a case list, the ordering of the ungrouped item stays

SB-1895 Even though assets are disabled, it will enable assets within a new case policy showing assets within the community

SB-1891 Sort not in order under "Awaiting Response" and "Pending Action"

SB-1890 Case list searching was not returning cases within the API

SB-1888 Company health summary page was displaying the correct NPS happy face on positive NPS scores on survey results

SB-1887 When the option "refresh list on new alerts" is set within the case list, if there are alerts already present, the case list will refresh unnecessarily

SB-1882 Paging within Survey views does not work

SB-1881 Escalated icon within case list is cut off slightly

SB-1862 When opening an existing calendar event, you have to change the times in order to re-save.

SB-1861 When adding the viewers column to your view, the list would fail to load

SB-1860 When opening the company merge window, recently viewed item is always blank

SB-1859 When opening the contact merge window, recently viewed item is always blank

SB-1858 Merging multiple cases causes orphaned emails that appear outside of merged case activity.

SB-1848 Cases being created with no or delayed SLA

SB-1847 When creating an activity with an internal note, if a workflow is fires checking the from address, it will fire on the requirement "Email is NOT from"

SB-1844 Creation and modified desc ordering on activity views sometimes to not sort

SB-1842 When adding "Escalation Type" into view Columns the value reflects as "SLA Result"

SB-1841 Add 180 & 360 day option to the audit log

SB-1840 Relative dates on tasks are not re-saved when the open task is updated

SB-1833 Changing divisions on the insights dashboard fails to load the customer health count graph

SB-1832 Customer health number overview in insight dashboard counts are not accurate

SB-1831 Survey CSAT responses that were negative were reading as positive within the company insights dashboard

SB-1829 Survey NPS responses that were 9,10 were reading as negative within the company insights dashboard

SB-1824 When using multiple of the same activity type at the start of a case it will reset the target first response SLA (if there's no default/target response SLA)

SB-1822 Images in activities aren't loading and truncating activity content

SB-1821 Escalation activity type has disappeared from within drop-downs/in general

SB-1820 Sometimes get issues loading embedded images (Image does not load)

SB-1814 When loading a survey view from another view with a viewstate, the last view's order is used and not the current survey view

SB-1813 Workflow does not load if a requirement item no longer exists within that list

SB-1812 Activities in activity views do not display if task due dates is displayed and no case SLA is set

SB-1811 Case and activity views sorted by last_touched produce and error and do not sort

SB-1810 Case preview fails when a contact name contains a space as the first character in the first name

SB-1809 When updating Case / Activity / Survey views, the grouping and order can reset to the defaults on update

SB-1808 File names with accents sometimes do not upload from incoming mail

SB-1804 Agent states sometimes do not close within their time period

SB-1803 When a company has no support level assigned, webhook pushes fail

SB-1802 Emotional score logging delaying activity creations

SB-1801 Too many audit event being logged when Salesforce synchronizations occur with custom fields

SB-1800 Workflows can take a long time to complete when nested with actions

SB-1796 Contact/Company notes still appear after expiring.

SB-1795 UTC bug – Skewes Health Score values near end of month because its searching for data.

SB-1781 Some browsers will get the error "DOMException: The quota has been exceeded"

SB-1780 Salesforce is throwing a session expired on some lookups

SB-1646 Case Template Due In Days Resets After multiple weeks.

SB-1628 Newly created tasks don't populate the current task list (need to refresh the page)

SB-1459 Ability to delete activities

SB-1458 Sat score within the KPI score card is reading a number value that is not relevant

SB-1361 Dashboard case count discrepancy from views

SB-1347 Custom field data for companies are getting entered as custom fields linked to contacts

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