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2021.07.01 - Supportbench Release

Please have a review of all of the new features and improvements. 

Any questions, we are always here to help and you can find us under you profile icon in the right corner of the screen under “Chat with us”.

Some notable features:


Escalation types

When escalating cases, you can now create escalation types to better categorize escalation / de-escalations.  These types can be filtered within views and available within the workflows to further dictate where cases should go based on it’s type. 


To add a new type:

  1. Go into the administration section, and click on “Escalation types” under the section “Cases”.
  2. Click on the button camed “new escalation type” located in the top right corner.

  3. Escalation types can be limited to certain case divisions, issue types, and be assigned to be either an escalation or de-escalation.


Include agents in multiple teams

Within an agents profile, you now have the ability to add an agent into multiple teams.  Agents will still need to be associated to a primary team where they work the most, but can also be added to other teams.


Assets and Issues can be internal only

The visibility of both assets and issues can be restricted.  This is useful when you want to hide certain assets from customers within the portal, or issues so they can be logged in an internal only fasion.



Community contact impersonation

You now have the ability to impersonate community users.  When impersonating a contact within the community, you will see exactly what they see to more easily guide them through issues or troubleshoot community site issues. 

To impersonate:

  1. Search for a contact and go into their page.
  2. Once there, click on the profile tab and click on the impersonation button.

  3. Select the community (if there are multiple) to which to impersonate into.

Impersonation restriction:


It may not always be the case that you want an agent to have access to impersonation.  If this is the case, you can disable this feature within an agents role.

  1. Within the administration section, go to Organization → Roles.
  2. Under the contact tab, disable “Contact impersonation”


Agent impersonation

You now have the ability to impersonate agents.  When impersonating an agent, you will see exactly what they see to more easily guide them through issues or troubleshoot issues with them. 


How to impersonate:


  1. Go to Configuration → Organization → Agents.
  2. If you have permission to do so, you will see a new icon to the right of the agent.

  3. Click on the button.  This will log you out, once you log back in, you will be impersonating that agent.


Remove impersonation:


  1. Whilst logged in as the agent, you will see an impersonation box at the top of the screen.

  2. Click on the box to stop impersonating.


Impersonation restriction:


It may not always be the case that you want an agent to have access to impersonation.  If this is the case, you can disable this feature within an agents role.

  1. Within the administration section, go to Organization → Roles.
  2. Under the agents tab, disable “Agent impersonation”


Lock down data table visibility by customer role or agent role

You can now restict data table access by a customer role or an agents security role. 


User roles

When you restict a table to specific roles, ONLY agents with those roles will this table be visible to.

Customer roles

When you restict a table to specific customer roles, ONLY customers with those roles will this table be visible to.  This allows you to collect and show different types of data for certain types of customers.


To restrict access to a table:

  1. Go to Configuration → Data Tables
  2. Choose a data table.
  3. Look for the section “User roles” and “Customer Roles”, choose what roles will ONLY have access to this table.

  4. Save your changes.


Community / Customer Portal SAML authentication

You now have the ability to add your own SAML providor to the customer portal.


To enable SAML:

  1. Go to Configuration → Self Service
  2. Choose the community to enable SAML for.
  3. Under the heading Security, fill out your SAML providors settings and enable the authentication method.


Add / Remove agents from queues within the queue area

To make things easier, you can now add / remove agents from queues directly from the queue.  This allows you to quickly administer who is in the queue.


To add an agent to a queue:

  1. Go to Configuration → Organization → Queues.
  2. Choose a queue to administer.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and find the section “Agents assigned to queue”.
  4. Search for agents to add or click on the X icon to remove them.


New Feature

SB-1472 Salesforce - Ability to synchronize a customer success manager to the customer success manager fields on companies and contacts

SB-1444 Ability to add agents into multiple teams as a secondary team

SB-1431 Ability to add Escalation types to an escalation to better be able to categorize what types they are

SB-1429 Case issues now have a visibility status and can be set to be viewed internally or externally (portal) only

SB-1424 New field within an agents profile called "Phone Extension" and is also available within signatures as a variable.

SB-1423 New option within Assets to limit their visibility to be global, internal only, or externally visible within the portal

SB-1422 Ability to give assets a friendly external name for customers on the portal

SB-1408 Ability to minimize the left panel within a company details allowing more room for custom data objects

SB-1406 Customer portal contact impersonation

SB-1405 Ability to impersonate an agent within an account

SB-1404 Ability to impersonate a community user

SB-1403 New option within views to filter cases on whether the case was re-opened or not

SB-1356 Within Views, add ability to add default grouping column

SB-1355 Within your case list, ability to select a default grouping

SB-1331 New policy option to hide time spent

SB-1327 Data table password field views should be audited on who viewed the field and when

SB-1326 Ability to authenticate end users via SAML on a per community basis

SB-1314 Add Timezone as a field Salesforce can synchronize with for Accounts and Contacts



SB-1476 Ability to group by column within the case view administration section

SB-1475 Ability to view whether a view is a local or scheduled one within the administration views section

SB-1474 Ability to create scheduled views just for yourself

SB-1448 New role permission to lock down users from adding themselves to a work queue

SB-1446 Ability to group by category or visibility within the asset list

SB-1443 New security permissions on a data table enabling / disabling update/add/delete permissions

SB-1441 Ability to view / update what agents are assigned to a queue (work queue) from the admin page itself

SB-1440 Addition of modified and last modified columns to a datatables list of columns

SB-1439 Added a new field to the datatable to include Boolean and Bit data types

SB-1432 Escalations now have the ability to add attachments to the escalation window or copy/paste images

SB-1421 New role option to enable / disable both contact and agent impersonation

SB-1420 Queue list dropdowns will now include assigned work queues by default

SB-1419 RoundRobin on queues refactored

SB-1418 Agent availability now tracked using websockets for real-time and more accurate connectivity

SB-1415 Case counts now update view websockets

SB-1395 Search by cases now includes the ability to filter by date range

SB-1394 When using the Search ALL filter, the search can return up to 50 results per category, it's now limited to 10

SB-1393 When searching using the ALL filter, searches now will return results as they come in instead of waiting for all results

SB-1379 Ability to Delete SLA

SB-1353 Ability to group by Case id for activity and survey lists

SB-1351 Case survey Sent / Received in last should have the ability for Today, This Week, Last Week, Current month, Last month

SB-1345 Only allow community SAML for authentication and auto-redirect to the SAML login page

SB-1341 NPS dashboard widget now display's the proper NPS score and not the average

SB-1336 New View option to for "Created Last", "Modified Last" lists to return items for "Today", "Yesterday", "Last Week"

SB-1325 New data table encrypted text field to encrypt sensitive data, but not screen hidden password data

SB-1321 Added selectable column to the contact list --> Last login --> When was the last time the user logged into the portal

SB-1320 Added selectable column to the contact list --> Portal display name --> If the user set their own display name

SB-1319 Added selectable column to the contact list --> Portal access disabled --> Is the portal access disabled for the user

SB-1318 Added selectable column to the contact list --> Is portal administrator --> Does the contact have portal admin access

SB-1317 Added selectable column to the contact list --> Article Views --> How many time user has viewed articles portal in the last 30 days

SB-1316 Added selectable column to the contact list --> Article Views --> How many time user has viewed articles portal in the last 30 days

SB-1315 Added selectable column to the contact list --> Portal Visits --> How many time user has logged into the portal in the last 30 days

SB-1311 Plain text activity content, text that are links should be converted to links and not stay as plain text

SB-1492 Case List & Scheduled View Survey Received on excel export data type change (Survey)

SB-1491 Case List & Scheduled View Survey Sent on excel export data type change (Survey)

SB-1490 Case List & Scheduled View Modified on excel export data type change (Survey)

SB-1489 Case List & Scheduled View Created on excel export data type change (Survey)

SB-1488 Case List & Scheduled View created_on excel export data type change

SB-1487 Case List & Scheduled View created_on excel export data type change

SB-1486 Case List & Scheduled View project_version_target excel export data type change

SB-1485 Case List & Scheduled View closed on excel export data type change

SB-1484 Case List & Scheduled View created on excel export data type change

SB-1483 Case List & Scheduled View modified on excel export data type change

SB-1482 Case List & Scheduled View last touched on excel export data type change

SB-1481 Case List & Scheduled View csr_recieved excel export data type change

SB-1480 Case List & Scheduled View sla closure target excel export data type change

SB-1479 Case List & Scheduled View sla target excel export data type change



SB-1478 The columns, survey sent on, and received on are not following the order set within the view

SB-1477 The groupby option is not set for saved survey responses

SB-1473 Custom checkbox fields would always read YES within within certain summaries such as company/contact details

SB-1467 Agent status sometimes does not update on mouse movement from away status

SB-1466 Case surveys should only send to those cases closed after the last modified date of the survey workflow

SB-1465 Case and Scheduled view exports to XLS, date fields are not compatible with Excel datetime format and will not sort

SB-1456 Customer survey {{community_logo}} image not expanding out within the email initiation

SB-1455 Inability to change the role option "Ability to use and view the calendar"

SB-1454 Survey views are not printing the headers of custom survey fields

SB-1447 When a checkbox field is present, the item does not save

SB-1438 Subject lines with html were causing certain community case lists to display incorrectly

SB-1433 Secondary contacts when you edit them in the case view, the edit comes on the main contact not the secondary one.

SB-1430 When editing / updating case issues, interface is slow

SB-1428 Timezones do not set properly after they are saved within Teams and Queues

SB-1417 Realtime connections moved to central server

SB-1416 Realtime notifications were not working all the time

SB-1414 Asset children were not being returned with company and contact assets

SB-1413 When the option "Stop when hit" is enabled within the workflow, when an asset requirement is not hit, the workflow will fire

SB-1412 When updating an asset, an error is thrown "case_view_company_search_item not found" causing company and contact linking impossible

SB-1411 Agents within the sanbox are unable to be updated

SB-1410 On Recache, first load, or after an update, some JS functions wont load until a page refresh

SB-1409 MTTR Widget Date Data is Being Interepreted Wrong

SB-1407 Unable to update agents when in the sandbox

SB-1402 Health Scores (Insights) Origin Query was filtering the date for survey and case creation incorrectly

SB-1401 Health Scores (Insights) Customers Process Was Not Running Based on the companies

SB-1400 Health Scores (Insights) Conditional Filtering Was Not Checking Data Correctly

SB-1399 Health Scores (Insights) Data was including incorrect data from origin query

SB-1398 Queue Timezone Field will not allow users to see the selected value if it is a Mexico specific timezone

SB-1397 Queue Timezone field does not load selected value correctly

SB-1392 When the priority is updated within the case view, the SLA is changed but not refreshed on the screen

SB-1391 SLA is setting incorrectly when the case status changes

SB-1390 Ability to copy an existing view

SB-1381 Title on search for searches with B & C break title

SB-1380 Searching for "RE: Kingston H1" causes search to fail

SB-1376 Case Search returning incorrect cases

SB-1375 When creating a case based from a template, the company and contact id within the case add does not copy to the newly created case

SB-1374 When a template is loaded within the case add as a "Copy From Case" template, warning prompt appears to not leave the site

SB-1373 Cannot add escalation notes with a back slash.

SB-1372 A specific template causes a prompt to appear.

SB-1371 Template overwrites company and contact linked to the case. It uses the details from the template case instead.

SB-1370 Cannot uncheck a task

SB-1369 Calendar shows events for all users

SB-1368 Cannot set end date when creating new calendar item from case.

SB-1367 Calendar invite email does not show the correct time format.

SB-1365 Ability to Delete SLA

SB-1364 No results searching for term

SB-1363 Ability to hide the case Outcome from the case closure policy

SB-1362 Apostrophes within search for companies doesnt work

SB-1360 Searching for B & C breaks title in search

SB-1359 Scheduled Exports sometimes fail

SB-1358 Case status does not change when a Template is applied

SB-1357 Case counts change on hover over case summary dashboard widget

SB-1354 Custom sorts on views are not saving on view loads

SB-1352 Phone number for companies not displaying on company list

SB-1350 There is a timezone within a survey view that does nothing

SB-1349 Survey view Received on / Sent on time ranges are not working

SB-1348 Case Linking within the case view action tab is not working

SB-1346 When cycling threw peeked cases within the case view, the editor fails to load

SB-1344 When loading case list view to edit, the created / modified TO dates are unable to be edited

SB-1343 MTTR dashboard widget not loading after Jan 2021

SB-1342 Case lists are showing merged cases within the list

SB-1340 NPS dashboard widget showing incorrect % of each item

SB-1339 Case list status grouping not following the status grouping order

SB-1338 When loading the case view, after reloading the cache, some pages functions don't work

SB-1337 When manually grouping columns within the case list, the groups do not contains the group count

SB-1335 Show more button on the project activity section caused an error

SB-1334 Project summary within project dashboard failed to load

SB-1333 Project dashboard, project timeline failed to load the open / closed cases in the list

SB-1332 Project dashboard failed to load

SB-1329 Within the case peek, the createdby field on internally created activities is the contact and not the internal user

SB-1328 GetCaseSLAStopDates results incorrect

SB-1324 When multiple confirm dialogs are displayed, the labels will sometimes display the last labels

SB-1323 Blind XSS exploit in trial link

SB-1322 When multiple filters are applied to the company / contact lists, filtering fails

SB-1313 Spelling mistake with the search text "similar search"

SB-1312 Keywords within case search don't find the cases with those keyword

SB-1310 Within reply emails, multiple RE: are chained to emails, only one should appear

SB-1309 Case History in Case Company and Contact Sections Showed blank window

SB-1308 Notifications for Escalated cases are not working

SB-1307 Timespent actual column is not displaying the hour text nor is formatted nicely

SB-1306 View options for case created in last, modified in last, closed in last, last touched, not properly reflected

SB-1305 Can not use the search function within the contact list if custom fields are being displayed

SB-1304 When watching a company, notifications disappear as soon as you close a case.

SB-1303 Can not search for companies or contacts with special characters (item1 & item2)

SB-1302 When creating a case manually, a confirmation popup appears rather than opening the case directly.

SB-1101 custom fields that are searchable dont return in search results for cases

SB-1470 Contact TAM / CSM fields are not filterable like the AM field is

SB-1469 Company TAM / CSM fields are not filterable like the AM field is

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