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2018.10.01 - Supportbench Release

Our team has been working hard and this supportbench release has a ton of fixes and new features to take advantage of.

Event calendar is now part of the main navigation and is mobile

You can create new events, view your existing events, and browse previous events within the calendar.

Attach external contacts to calendar events

You can now send calendar events to external contacts and see those invites within your lists.

Customer policy

You can now define what fields to include for your company and contact views.  You can re-order the items so that it makes better sense to your agents, and restrict data fields to certain agent roles.

You can define new policies by going to Configuration –> Customers → Customer policy

Company / contact logo's and avatars

You can upload logos and avatars to your customers by updating the item and clicking on the icon.

logos / avatars will also display within the case list and view to better give visual queues to agents.

Company / contact status and types

You can now add States and Types to both companies and contacts.  This allows you to keep track of your customers and be able to search and organize your customers quickly.

You can add new states by going to Configuration → Customers

Company / contact data is now on in the mobile apps

View when a customer views emails that you have sent and get alerted when viewed

Image beacons are now added to outgoing emails giving you visibility into when customers view your correspondence.


You can also get alerted on those views by enabling the alert within the profile section.


New Feature

  • [SB-567] - Asset list should have a count of all the contacts and companies that are linked to it.
  • [SB-608] - New event calendar within the main navigation bar
  • [SB-610] - Add Calendar within the mobile interface
  • [SB-615] - New customer policy manager that controls what company / contact fields are displayed and their orders
  • [SB-616] - Integration - Clearbit
  • [SB-619] - New company status flag
  • [SB-634] - Add a new tag field to companies
  • [SB-635] - Add a new tag field to contacts
  • [SB-639] - View company and contact details within the mobile app
  • [SB-652] - Ability to limit communities to certain divisions
  • [SB-690] - Image beacons are now added to outgoing emails. This allows agents to know when a customer has viewed / opened an email.


  • [SB-611] - When creating a new event that is attached to a case, the to addresses should load the contact list from the attached company / contact
  • [SB-614] - When viewing an article, you can add / remove topics from the view screen not just the edit screen
  • [SB-617] - New company fields
  • [SB-618] - New contact fields
  • [SB-622] - Allow custom fields to be shared across multiple divisions
  • [SB-632] - When creating a new calendar event, the start / end time should default to 9am - 10am
  • [SB-644] - Add new case list columns - Last touched on, Last touched on date
  • [SB-645] - Calendar Improvements
  • [SB-651] - Make status field more clear within case list with green label for open cases and dark for closed cases
  • [SB-656] - Calendar event creation should set the start time to 1 hour into the future
  • [SB-657] - New case data columns columns for list and views : Division, contact phone, contact email
  • [SB-661] - Ability to choose to use your profile timezone or use the browser dependant timezone depending on your computer location
  • [SB-662] - Add a customer type field to companies and contacts
  • [SB-671] - When deleting a company, company assets / domains / links to data would not be deleted properly
  • [SB-672] - When deleting a contact, contact assets / links to data would not be deleted properly
  • [SB-673] - New option to delete all contacts when deleting a company from the system
  • [SB-674] - Domains should be clickable when viewing a company with linked domains
  • [SB-676] - Add company logo to the case list and view if they exist.


  • [SB-613] - Knowledge base container tags saving all tags as one item rather than individually
  • [SB-624] - When creating a new calendar event, the summary should be escaped in the ICS file to HTML
  • [SB-625] - When creating a new calendar event when you are within case, auto load the contact within the to address
  • [SB-627] - Within the editing calendar event, the delete button does not work
  • [SB-628] - Case list refreshes twice on first load if there are open alerts when refresh case list is enabled
  • [SB-629] - When more than 250 items are listed within the case list, no pager is displayed
  • [SB-630] - You are unable to change a community name to the agent url if the agent url is set before setting the community alias
  • [SB-631] - When creating a new calendar event, the start and end times can be set to a date before / after each other
  • [SB-633] - Partial Day Events Not being displayed
  • [SB-636] - When cases are created within the customer portal, the case creation event fires twice
  • [SB-637] - On new account creations, the password reset link is pointing to the old login site of account.supportbench.com
  • [SB-640] - Mobile Calendar not auto loading events
  • [SB-641] - Calendar drop down and mobile showing Null for attendees
  • [SB-642] - Calendar Event title overlapping edit icon
  • [SB-643] - sql_calendar_events stored procedure does not return results that have a calendar set as the owner
  • [SB-646] - When working within the work queues / team view and if the owner column it's not displayed, force the column to be displayed.
  • [SB-647] - GetItems function in Contact will return all Contacts if the Active parameter is set to false
  • [SB-648] - Tooltips on far right icons are causing the screen to flicker when hovering over
  • [SB-649] - Azure blob storage now accepts %20 but treats it different than + URL encoding causing blobs to not be available for download
  • [SB-650] - SLA's set manually are reset during case status changes which on new activity creations, will not reset to the new activity SLA time
  • [SB-653] - Calendar event times show incorrect value
  • [SB-654] - Editing a calendar event shows incorrect start and end time
  • [SB-655] - Calendar event until time shows wrong value
  • [SB-658] - When you reply to an email who's different than the case contact owner, the activity contact should be set to who you replied to
  • [SB-659] - When creating a new outbound email with no case company association, the contact email address is not filled in to the auto-populate list
  • [SB-660] - Enable push notifications within the mobile settings section is not saving
  • [SB-663] - Contact Policies are not applied when viewing an existing contact
  • [SB-664] - Contact Tags are no editable
  • [SB-665] - A community with multiple divisions only selects one division for cases lists
  • [SB-666] - Customer policy edit sets the type to company by default
  • [SB-667] - Contacts duplicate email check returns false positive
  • [SB-675] - Company and contacts labels within the case view did not update when updating / adding them
  • [SB-677] - Case replies within the community sometimes do not get created
  • [SB-678] - Twitter private messages were not inserted into Supportbench
  • [SB-679] - Facebook OAuth redirect enforcement caused new accounts to not be able to save the integration
  • [SB-680] - When creating a new calendar event if there is no company associated, the contact email address is not loaded into the recipient list
  • [SB-681] - When creating a new calendar event that's not on a case, the external attendee list is not loading as a tag field.
  • [SB-683] - When changing divisions within the case creation screen, the activity type options (email to, etc..) disappear
  • [SB-684] - When adding a new contact within the case creation screen, the signature is inserted even tho the activity type is not yet set.
  • [SB-685] - When creating a new contact with an email address, the address does not load within the TO field automatically and is not available within the email dropdown list
  • [SB-686] - When creating a new contact in the case view screen and try to add a company immediately after, the save button does nothing
  • [SB-687] - Domain tab doesn't show up when a customer policy is applied
  • [SB-688] - Default all timezones that have not been saved (i.e. company and contact) to the user profile if set
  • [SB-689] - SMS numbers to the UK or ones with + signs are not sent
  • [SB-691] - Within a scheduled workflow, all of the conditions for NOT X are not followed
  • [SB-695] - Team notifications would not be sent on scheduled workflows
  • [SB-696] - Case tag conditions would not be found on scheduled workflows
  • [SB-697] - When creating a new activity type, the reset SLA flag is not being saved
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