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2018.08.08 - Supportbench Release

Release notes - SupportBench - Version 7.0 - Saturn


  • [SB-484] - Article list within the knowledge base did not page
  • [SB-497] - When creating a new JIRA issue, the activity content was compressed
  • [SB-533] - The requirement "Not State" is not triggering on workflows
  • [SB-545] - When updating case policies with custom fields, the policy would not save the custom field configuration
  • [SB-546] - When a contact is a community administrator, all company cases are not displayed
  • [SB-547] - When creating a case with a task and no subject is defined, the task title is set to NULL
  • [SB-549] - Error when adding SLA performance widget with no data to dashboard
  • [SB-550] - When creating a calendar event, the to date is allowed to be set on a date before the starting event datetime
  • [SB-555] - Admins are allowed to delete all divisions
  • [SB-568] - Autosave is not working when working within activities
  • [SB-573] - Knowledge Base buttons color change based on the menu bar color
  • [SB-574] - Calendar Events count in case view always shows 0
  • [SB-575] - Calendar Events that are created in the Case cannot be edited until page is refreshed
  • [SB-576] - Calendar Events created in Case View do not allow for Case ID to be the owner
  • [SB-577] - Clicking the Shared Events drop down in the Calendar clears the selected calendar options
  • [SB-578] - User_GetAccountId is failing on null account_id lookups
  • [SB-579] - Event list in case view has formatting errors
  • [SB-580] - Replies to discussions are not removed until a new action is taken on the discussion
  • [SB-581] - When updating a custom activity type, the default icon is not set
  • [SB-583] - Incoming activities need to be attached to the correct case when merged
  • [SB-585] - When adding/updating data views, all divisions are shown for roles that do not have permissions for.
  • [SB-586] - Case views did not reflect the case column sorting saved
  • [SB-587] - Case views did not reflect the case column ordering saved
  • [SB-589] - New Mapping button on Id Mapping section throws console error
  • [SB-590] - When you save a new Id Mapping you will always receive the message 'Mapping Updated'
  • [SB-591] - Billing item is throwing an error when no package is assigned
  • [SB-592] - Within the analytics chart, right hand Y axis should only display when there is data for it
  • [SB-597] - The queue list when transferring a case would be empty for those users that don't have permission to trash cases
  • [SB-598] - When updating a case issue, the parent list is not using the division to reflect the list
  • [SB-599] - When updating a case outcome, the parent list is not using the division to reflect the list
  • [SB-600] - The default reply address is used if when reply to an activity the character case's do not match
  • [SB-601] - Within Firefox, when creating a new activity on a case, if you try to create another one the editor fails to load
  • [SB-602] - The community portal minifies html and removed empty tags even with classes defined in them
  • [SB-603] - Reoccurring events are not displayed on the calendar
  • [SB-604] - When loading a template from the article editor, the editor crashes and disappears
  • [SB-605] - When updating an article, the "internal only" editor shows when the published dropdown is set to "internal"
  • [SB-606] - When saving any content in the editor, single commas are being saved in the escaped format and not as single quotes.
  • [SB-609] - On new trials, the case view walk-through prompts to asign the case to you from the queue

New Feature

  • [SB-526] - Add case fields to the activity creation screen
  • [SB-529] - Add agent / team / queue working times to workflows
  • [SB-532] - Trigger workflow on activity body tag
  • [SB-534] - Scheduled views
  • [SB-535] - Create a new policy to select how old a case can be re-opened.
  • [SB-553] - Integration - NinjaRMM
  • [SB-582] - Add new flag within the activity type to not allow editing / deletion of integration activities


  • [SB-264] - Need a Fav icon for community
  • [SB-271] - Delete trashed cases every x days option in account settings
  • [SB-292] - Calendar events should be able to add external email addresses and ICS attachments
  • [SB-449] - New workflow requirement "Issue is Not"
  • [SB-456] - New workflow conditional for "Outcome is"
  • [SB-479] - Include an assigned article count within the main the navigation when articles are assigned to logged in user
  • [SB-494] - Auto timer in activity needs to be able to be shut off when 0 is selected.
  • [SB-495] - Auto timer in activity needs to be able to be shut off when 0 is selected.
  • [SB-537] - Case reopen limit for customers to try and reopen old cases
  • [SB-538] - Add time spent column to activity data views
  • [SB-539] - Clear notifications of cases sent to the trash
  • [SB-540] - Clear case notifications for the agent that transfered a case to another owner
  • [SB-542] - Clear case notifications on case closure
  • [SB-544] - Case division drop-downs converted to cascading lists
  • [SB-554] - When creating a new view you can set the range of the view to be inavlid
  • [SB-570] - On new account creations, include a default signature for the default email address route
  • [SB-584] - Add 3 new fields into the case export list
  • [SB-593] - Within the case view, the case owner text should be a quick link to the case transfer screen
  • [SB-594] - Add logic so that you are not able to delete your Account
  • [SB-595] - Add linked company and contact counts to the asset list
  • [SB-596] - When editing a case view, only checked visible case/activity columns should be included in the sort order list
  • [SB-607] - Within the addition screen, add the asset in the create new drop down main navigation bar
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