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Create an escalation workflow


Sometime a case requires a path forward after an agent deems it necessary move to somewhere else. Escalating a case allows a case to maintain its status, but reflects that the case has been escalated for further research, help, or approval, based on your organization’s escalation level definitions.  You can create an escalation workflow that will not only mark a case as requiring further assistance, but also create workflows that will fire based on the type of case it is.

Create an escalation workflow

  1. Click on conguration → Workflows
  2. Create a name for your workflow.
  3. Add the workflow as a Case type and select Escalation as when you would like this workflow to run.

  4. Add the requirements (if any) for this escalation workflow. i.e. Cases belonging to Team X with an issue of Y.
    Note: If you have multiple escalation workflows in which a case could be hit, assign the workflow priority number to ensure the more important escalation path is hit.
  5. Add a case action. i.e. Assign to escalation queue.
  6. If you would like the agent to prefill out an escalation activity, you can add / enforce them to add one using the action “Show template before submission”.

  7. Save your workflow.


Execute an escalation workflow

  1. Within a case that matches the requirements of the escalation workflow, click on the action tab within the case.

  2. Click on the escalate button.
  3. Your case workflow will fire.



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