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JIRA integration

Supportbench integrates with JIRA cloud out of the box allowing your agents to interact with your development teams from one interface.  Supportbench allows you to:

  • Link cases to a JIRA issue.
  • Create a new issue from a case activity.
  • Create new comments within a case on linked JIRA issues.
  • Receive JIRA updates from JIRA issues.

Setting up Supportbench

You will need to link Supportbench to your JIRA instance.  By installing the connector, Supportbench will create a new custom field to store case linked id's as well as a webhook for communication.

  1. First you will need to create a new JIRA API credential. To create a new API token for your username, login to JIRA and go to https://id.atlassian.com/manage/api-tokens.
    Full instructions: https://confluence.atlassian.com/cloud/api-tokens-938839638.html

  2. Go into the Supportbench settings and search for jira.  Click on the JIRA integration.


  3. Enter in your cloud credentials and save.

Setting up JIRA

Now that you have Supportbench setup, you will need to install the Supportbench addon from the Atlassian marketplace. 

  1. Within your JIRA cloud instance, click on addons.

  2. Search for Supportbench and install the addon.
  3. Once installed, you will need to configure it.  Click on configure and enter your Supportbench credentials with the appropriate credentials. This will connect your JIRA instance to Supportbench.


​​How to link an issue to a case

  1. You can link issues within the actions tab within the case view.

  2. Once linked, the issue will be available within the JIRA issue as well.

  3. If multiple cases are linked, all linked cases will be available within a new cases tab along with all of the activities and their contents.

How to submit a new comment or reply to an issue

  1. If you received a new comment from a user within JIRA and need to reply, click on reply and reply as you would any other activity.

How to create a new issue from a case

  1. Click on the actions tab within a case and click on submit issue and fill in the issue details.

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