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NinjaRMM Integration

NinjaRMM is a leading cloud remote management and monitoring solution (RMM) for MSP’s and IT departments.  Supportbench gives you easy integration with NinjaRMM  allowing you to communicate, log, and track incidents through the organizations you need to support.

Integration Features

  • Synchronize your organizations from NinjaRMM into Supportbench.
  • Synchronize your devices from NinjaRMM into Supportbench assets. 
    *The following fields are imported “type, serial, model, manufacturer, device link”
  • Create cases on NinjaRMM alerts.
  • Close NinjaRMM alerts when you close linked alert cases from Supportbench.
  • Send a notification emails on new device addition from NinjaRMM.
  • Use Supportbench email form parsing to create incoming NinjaRMM support requests.


Create new API credentials within NinjaRMM

  1. Login to your NinjaRMM instance.
  2. Go to “Configuration” → “Integrations” → “API”.
  3. Copy your key and secret key.


How to enable NinjaRMM integration within Supportbench

  1. Login to your Supportbench instance.
  2. Go to “Configuration” → “Integrations” → “NinjaRMM”.
  3. Enter your access and secret keys and select the items to sync.
  4. Click on install.


How to create new cases on alerts

  1. Login to your Supportbench instance.
  2. Go to “Configuration” → “Integrations” → “NinjaRMM”.
  3. Select the option “Create cases on alerts”.
  4. Select the severities that you wish to create cases for. 
    *in order for cases to be created, you must select at least one severity.
  5. Select the default option of the cases that will be created from the alerts. 
    * to further customize the options created from alert cases, you can use workflows to fine tune.



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