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Activity Types

Within Supportbench, activities are pieces of work an agent, customer, or the system has performed that is related to the case.  Activity types are used to define what kind of activity it took place.  

You can create new activity types as well so you are not restricted to the default ones.  The defaults ones are listed below.

Incoming EmailInbound email from a contact.

Outgoing Email

A new outgoing email from a case.

Outgoing Email Reply

An email reply from an existing email.

Outgoing Email Forward

An email forward from an existing activity.

Outgoing Email Auto-Reply

An email auto-reply from a trigger.

Phone Call

A phone call communication with a customer.
MergeA stub used to define a description of a case merge performed. 
Forum PostA user post on a forum.
Contact ReplyA contact reply on a case from the community.
Internal NoteAn internal note on the case.
TaskA task related to the case.  This is a special activity type which allows you to complete and edit tasks until marked as complete.


Activity types have a few options available when creating and maintaining them.

  • Global
    Whether the type is available to everyone regardless of category.
  • Category
    Lock down the type to a specific case category.
  • ​SLA Met
    If this type is created, the SLA clock is reset.  This typically is for types in which there is some sort of customer communication.
  • Billable
    If this option is set, any time used will be marked as billable time within the case and for the customer.
  • Icon
    Change the icon to better separate the types out visually.
  • Order
    Change the ordering of the types within drop down.

You can add and maintain your activity types from the administration menu.

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