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Managing email notifications for incoming emails

Typically, notifications / alerts are sent to your agent web application.  However to make things easier, you can signup for email notifications and reply to incoming email activities.

Sign up for email notifications

  1. Click on your profile link in the top right main navigation menu and click profile.
  2. Click on the settings tab.
  3. Enable the setting “Send notifications to email address”.
  4. Save your profile.  All notifications will now be sent to your email account.

Reply to case email notifications

Once you signup for email notifications, all incoming emails will be sent to your email address.  You can reply to these incoming emails directly from your email client and it will be attached to your case and sent to the contact.

  1. Once you receive an email alert, reply to the email.
  2. You will notice that the reply address will have a +reply within it, this means you can reply from your email client.
  3. Create your reply and hit send, your email will attach to the case as an outbound email.

    ** Due to how some emails clients work, stripping the case details within the notification is not possible.  If you would like the case details deleted, it’s recommended that you delete them within your email client.

What happens to a case when you reply from an email

There are a couple things that happen automatically.

  1. If you are watching a queue and reply to the notification, the case will automatically be assigned to you.
  2. If you reply to a notification and there is another case owner, you will automatically be added as a watcher.

Special #hashtag workflows

You can also initiate 2 special workflows when you reply to a case from a notification.  If you insert one of the below hashtags within the first 100 characters of the notification body, the workflow will be run.

  1. #close → When inserted, the case will close without replying to the customer as a new activity.
  2. #closereply → When inserted, the case will reply to the customer, attach the reply to the case and close the case immediately after.


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