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Alter a service level (SLA) date / time manually

What is an SLA

A service level agreement is a core function within Supportbench.  It gives bring accountability to the timeliness of responses you give to your customers.  

Want to know more about SLA's, read through this handy article : https://supportbench.com/post/customer-service-slas-and-what-you-need-to-know

How to alter a case SLA

Case SLA's are set via workflows.  Workflows can be altered to fine tune the SLA's that your customers get by default.  But there are numerous instances where you need to manually set the SLA based on external conditions.  This could be because of a meeting, a customer going on vacation, or you need more time to respond.  To alter a case SLA:

  1. Load the case you would like to alter the SLA on.
  2. On the top left hand corner, click on the SLA set.

  3. Set the desired date and time within the SLA popup.

How to restrict permissions on altering an SLA

The default "agent" security role does not allow altering of the SLA as it's not always ideal to allow agents to alter an SLA.  To restrict or allow agents to alter a case SLA:

  1. Click on "Configuration" on the top navigation bar.
  2. On the left hand menu, go to "Organization" --> "Roles".
  3. Select a role you would like to alter.
  4. Under the case section, select / un-select the security setting "Ability to alter the SLA date on a case".


Manually assigned SLA's will reset on case updates and will have to be reset.

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