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Case note

What is a case note

Keeping track of cases and remembering what happened to them is tough, especially when you have to juggle lots of bits of communication.  A case note is there to allow you to create a quick notes on a case so you can quickly see what your brain was thinking last or give someone else on your team a heads up on the case itself.  A case note can be something as simple as "No response yet", to "Remember to follow-up with management on this issue", anything to help you quickly remember what the case was all about.

Some limitations

A case note was created to keep a note outside the scope of it's case details. What this means is:

- Only available within the case details and case list
- A notes is not searchable
- A note is not visible within the customer portal

How to add a case note to my case lists

To help even more, you can add you notes to your case list so you can quickly see the notes attached to cases.

  1. Login to Supportbench and click on "Cases" within the top navigation bar.
  2. On the top right hand corner, click on the case list options button.

  3. Select the tab "Default case options" and add the "Note" column to your list.

  4. Once you close the popup, the case list will refresh. 

    ** You can re-order the columns within your list by dragging the column to the column order you wish.
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