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Schedule a Survey

How to Schedule a Survey

Scheduled surveys are those that you can send to a specific list of contacts.  


Add Questions

First, you will need to add a question to ask your customer.  To add a question:

  1. Create a new custom field for the survey.  Go to Configuration- -> Custom Fields --> Add Field
  2. Set the name of the field and the label.  The label will be the actual question that you want to ask. If the label is left blank the name will be used instead.
  3. From the list of locations, select "Customer survey field".
  4. Select the type of field to add.  They are the following:
    • Check-box - This is great for a yes/no answer
    • Drop-down list - This will give the user a selection of choices to answer
    • Drop-down list (multi) - This will give the user a selection of choices to answer but allow multiple selections.
    • Tags - Allow the user to add their own selection.
    • Text box - Allow the user to enter text in free from like a sentence.
    • Text box (multi-row) - Similar to a text box but allows a lot more text to be entered.  Great for big comments.
    • URL - If the item is a URL you want to collect.
  5. Save the new field.  Do the same steps for all the questions to ask.  Note: You can reuse questions on surveys, so no need to duplicate.


Create a new Survey Form

You now need to create a new survey form. 

  1. Create a new form by going to Configuration --> Customer Surveys --> Survey Forms --> New Survey
  2. Select the survey type.  There are 2 types of surveys.  One survey is for customer satisfaction which is set via workflows and the other is the one we are creating, a "Scheduled Survey".
  3. Select the community to use.  If you only have one community then select it.  The community is where you can customize the actual form that the agent sees.  You can make it look just like your website and add custom text there within the survey form.
  4. There are 2 special fields you can use "Customer Satisfaction" and "NPS".  Neither are mandatory, but they are useful for gathering specific feedback.
  5. Customize the questions form.  This is where you can add / remove / move the questions around so the survey behaves as you want.  To add the field we created earlier, click on the drop down "insert survey field".
  6. Email initiation is where you can customize the email that will be set to ask the customer to answer your survey.  You can also choose the from address, set the subject line and select a template to use.  Use the "scheduled survey" template, it's a great example of what you can do.
  7. Click on "Save Changes".


Schedule the Survey

We now have questions, a new form to send, the last thing to do is schedule it to be sent.

  1. Schedule it by going to Configuration--> Customer Surveys --> Surveys --> Create a New Survey
  2. Choose the survey form.  This is the form to use which we created above.
  3. Choose the send date.  If you select a time in the past, the survey will send immediately. Once the date has passed, no changes to the survey can be made.
  4. Choose who to send the survey to.  There are 2 options:
    • Send to all active contacts.  This will send to everyone within the system.
    • Send the survey only to those who have had a case based on the options you provide.
  5. Click on "Save and Schedule".


View the Results

Now that results are incoming, you need to view them.

  1. Go to your existing surveys by going to Configuration--> Customer Surveys --> Surveys
  2. All surveys that are scheduled or have been sent will have a results number and a "View Results" button. Click on view results.
  3. View the results.  You can export all the data into a XLS file by clicking on the export button on the top right.



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