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Enable SAML single sign-on for a community

You can enable SAML single sign-on only for end users, only for agents, or for both groups. When signing into Supportbench, users will redirected to your primary sign-in page.


Before you start, obtain the required information from your company's IT team.

You must sign in to Supportbench as an administrator to enable SAML single sign-on.


Enable SAML single sign-on in Supportbench for a community

  1. Click on Configuration in the top navigation bar and go to Self-Service → Communities.
  2. Select the community to add SAML to.
  3. Click on the Security tab on the left hand menu bar.
  4. Under the heading SAML, select Enable.
  5. Enter the remote login URL of your SAML server, under SAML Login URL.
  6. Enter the SSL Certificate. This is required for us to communicate with your SAML server.
  7. (Optional) For Remote logout URL, enter a logout URL where Supportbench can redirect users after they sign out of Supportbench.
  8. Click Save at the top right corner.



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