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How to schedule send and email

All emails are not created equal and with Supportbench, you can schedule the sending of emails in the future if you need to delay message delivery.

Caveats to delay sending:

  • Activity creation times are reflected when it was created, not when the email is sent.
  • SLAs are not effected by sending into the future.  This means that the SLA might expire before the email gets sent.  In this case, you will have to set the SLA manually to better reflect when it should expire.

How to schedule an email

  1. When you add a new email or reply to an existing email, a new advanced button is visible at the bottom of the new activity screen.

  2. Clicking on the advanced button will display when to send it.

  3. When viewing the activity, you will be able to see when the email will be sent.

  4. Once sent, you will see when the email was sent.

  5. All emails that are pending to be sent, you will be able to update by clicking on the update email button.


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