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Case View Interface

The case view is the main view the case itself.  It consists of various sections which gives you a bunch of options when dealing with a case.


Case Number and DataView and update all case details here.
Activities and CountList of all activities and their counts.  Click on an activity to view it.
AttachmentsIf there are any attachments to the current activity, they will be displayed here.
Actions and Article LinksAll extended actions on a case such as Escalate, De-Escalate, Merge, Linking, Article associations.
Contact SummaryA summary of the contact, and all contact actions in regards to the case.
Company SummaryA summary of the company, and all company actions in regards to the case.
CalendarCreate calendar events related to the case.
Case DiscussionDiscuss the case with other users that's not attached as an activity itself.
Audit TrailView all events on the case.
Case TransferTransfer a case to another agent or queue.
Case WatchersWatch and view all watchers on the case.
Apply TemplateApply a template to the case properties. 
Next Case You OwnGo to the next case that requires your attention that you own.
Next CaseGo to the next case that requires your attention that you either own or thats within your work queues.


Activity Actions

New ActivityCreate a new activity which could be a custom type, or an internal note, or a new outbound email.
Reply to EmailReply to an inbound or outbound email.
Reply to All Recipients of EmailReply to all recipients in the inbound or outbound email.
Forward ActivityForward the activity as an email.
Create ArticleCreate a new knowledge base article based on this activity copying the case meta data to the article.
Submit JIRA updateIf you have JIRA integration, you can comment directly on an issue just like an activity.




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