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How to use an existing case as a template to create new cases

Sometimes it is useful to use previous cases as a template.  This allows you to copy a previous case and it's tasks to a new case with the click of a button.  Some examples for using a previous case as a template are:

- Onboarding activities
- Operational case to do a certain tasks
- Account activations

Assigning a case as a template

We recommend creating a blank case and designing it exactly how you want it rather than using an existing customer case.  This makes sure you create the case exactly how you want it for the template.

  1. Create the a new case to use as your template.
  2. Create any tasks on that case you would like to use.  Tasks are copied to the new case.
  3. Go to Configuration → Cases → Templates.
  4. Create a new template by clicking “New Template”.
  5. Fill in the options as desired.
  6. Click on the tab “Case Options”.
  7. Scroll down to the field “Copy From” and input the case id you would like to use as a template.

  8. Click on Save.

When you run this template within the Case Creation or Case View, a new case will automatically be created based on the case defined.

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