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2023.08.03 Supportbench Release

Highlighted Features:

AI ARTICLE CREATION (for AI Add-on only)

Introducing Automated Documentation Generation!

A groundbreaking feature powered by AI. Say farewell to manual article creation as help desk tickets are seamlessly transformed into informative articles. Our AI engine identifies key insights and solutions from resolved tickets, generating consistent and accurate articles that empower your customers with self-service capabilities. This innovation not only saves time and resources but also enhances your knowledge base's accuracy and uniformity. Experience a new era in documentation efficiency and let AI revolutionize your knowledge sharing process!

To use the AI article generator, make sure you have the AI-Add on, navigate to the ticket you desire to make an article out of and click the "more actions" button. 


Enhanced Contact Management: New Columns in Supportbench

To enhance the efficiency of contact organization and management, we're excited to introduce new columns within Supportbench!

These columns offer valuable insights and simplify the process of sorting contacts based on various criteria within the company view. This article serves as a guide to help you effectively utilize these new features.



Key Highlights of the Newly Added Columns:

1. Name Column: Easily identify contacts by their first and last names. Alphabetically sort contacts for quick access by clicking on the column header.

2. Status Column: Instantly recognize whether a contact is active or not.

3. Portal Admin Column: Identify contacts with portal administrative privileges. Efficiently manage users with control over portal settings and features.

4. ID Column: Access unique identifiers assigned to each contact. Use this column to search for specific contacts quickly.

5. Email Column: Store contact email addresses for seamless communication. Sort contacts by email by clicking on the column header.

6. Phone and Mobile Columns: Easily access contact phone and mobile numbers for convenient communication. Sort contacts by phone or mobile numbers.

Effortless Sorting of Contacts:

1. Log in to your Supportbench account.
2. Navigate to Configuration > Customers > Companies.
3. Select a company to review its contacts.
4. Access the contacts tab under the company.
5. Click on the vertical ellipsis within a header to add your desired columns.

By leveraging these newly introduced columns in Supportbench, managing contacts has become more streamlined and efficient. Utilize the name, company name, status, portal admin, ID, email, phone, and mobile columns to effortlessly sort and manage your contacts. This enhancement contributes to an improved support workflow and enhanced customer relationship management.


Supportbench Harnesses Widget Power to Elevate Customer Experience

Ever noticed that small help bubble at the bottom of webpages? Supportbench recognized the potential of widgets in revolutionizing Customer Experience and got to work. This bubble brings a remarkable CX impact!

Our widget carries the potential to simultaneously reduce support volume while increasing customer engagement.

Customers can effortlessly explore articles, topics, and answers to fellow customers' queries within your community. Imagine immediate access to a limitless knowledge hub about your product.

And when customers require further assistance or spot room for improvement - with a simple "Need Help" click and field submission, a case is directly submitted to your designated queue.

Support widgets simplify access to assistance on every web page of your knowledge base. No more hunting for an FAQ link or scouring the site for a "contact us" form.

Our support widgets aim to:

Guide customers toward self-service resources
Facilitate seamless messaging with your team
Diminish support volume while increasing customer engagement
Incorporating a web widget amplifies support visibility and customer interaction.

For matters that can't be easily resolved through self-service, this provides your clients a direct, hassle-free means to contact your team. No need to craft a new email – just a click and they're done!

Adding our Widget to Your Website:

The website widget can be placed on any HTML page, enabling browsing/searching the KB and raising cases either anonymously or by the user, if filled in.

Start by creating the widget in the Self-Service section and entering the pertinent details, including the authorized domain. Make a note of the widget's unique ID.

On your website, add the specified Javascript file:

Note* use your unique ID you made note of when creating the widget. Emails are optional and only if you know WHO will be using the widget.

Save your page and experience the widget in action (you can watch a video on this here: https://support.supportbench.net/ar-237/ .




We wanted to move onto our own in-house chat for awhile now and that time has finally come. Our new chat is going to include everything our last chat did, but more. This is because you'll have the option to add AI capability to it.

If you add AI, this dynamic feature can also engage users in real-time conversations about articles and resolved cases, offering immediate answers and insights through natural language interactions. Seamlessly integrated, the Chat Bot empowers customers to swiftly find solutions, enhancing self-service capabilities and reducing support ticket volume. By adding AI, our goal was to revolutionize engagement and streamline query resolutions like never before. 

And its pretty easy to set up too... Just head over to Configuration > Self-service > Chat-widget > New widget > Installation and the instructions and everything you need to set up your own chat is right inside your instance (Note, that you will have basic chat capabilities unless you opt for the AI add-on.)

Of course, if you need any help, reach out to our Support team and we'll guide you through it :) 



New features

SB-1330 Agents can view all KPI scorecards, new role setting to limit access to only view their own scores

SB-1451 New draft mode on activities to allow activities to live in draft until closure.

SB-2291 "Subject Content Contains" field to be added to data views to be able to query by subject title

SB-2328 New Security permission to allow bulk case linking within the communication hub / case list

SB-2332 Add the ability to see views from both assigned teams as opposed to just the primary team.

SB-2369 New summary column for the AI module that creates a summary of customer facing activities. The new column is available within an activity view.



SB-1377 Score Card - Add KPI for First Contact Resolution (FCR)

SB-1378 Dashboard - Add KPI for First Contact Resolution (FCR)

SB-1442 Ability to add / remove agents from teams from within the team screens

SB-2104 In the response from SB API for receiving case information - no data is given on 2nd(secondary) contacts.

SB-2105 A view that could show all open cases that are currently being watched

SB-2138 A method to filter the search by date

SB-2140 Ability to set the default activity type to blank - forcing users to choose the correct activity.

SB-2183 The PNG attachments within emails blow up in size for customers

SB-2188 When changing the company within a case, it can be hard to determine which company is which because of a lack of characters.

SB-2189 Recipient replies to internal notes are marked as external (need to be internal)

SB-2210 a drafts folder for the KB to easily identify articles that have not yet been published

SB-2225 Add in check to see if email used for trial account contains any numbers

SB-2226 Add Alerts and checks for email queue

SB-2228 CC'd email addresses are being linked to company records when a case is sent by a contact within the company.

SB-2253 Ability to sort by date on case search results wihtin the main search

SB-2256 Potential XSS issue within the editor when creating / sending content for an agent to send malicious code to a customers

SB-2274 Show case-id in audit log for Activity Was Deleted event

SB-2278 Webhooks will retry 3 times before failing

SB-2283 When opening the KB in SB - sort the articles by newest to oldest by default.

SB-2284 in the SB Knowledgebase - sort items before separating them into pages.

SB-2290 Add "Company Role" field to Data views under company tab so that we can query by role.

SB-2293 When a new article is created for agents that require review permissions, the agent can now edit the article completly until they submit it for review.

SB-2307 When selecting a row within the case list, it now highlights the row

SB-2309 Reorganize and include descriptions of properties within views

SB-2310 When sending emails to Outlook desktop application with embedded images, if the img width and height are not included in the img tag, Outllok would does not respect the style width/height attributes

SB-2315 Case views are slow when a large set of cases are returned

SB-2340 Allow Survey View types to export over 1,000+ records

SB-2352 On email failiure, add a visual queue within the activity itself

SB-2355 When creating a DevOps Work Item, the description field should be a full text editor with the ability to paste images in

SB-2356 Ability to upload additonal attachments to Azure Devops when creating new work items

SB-2359 Remove capability for internal Devops and JIRA comments from accidentially being made publically visible

SB-2364 Add a team member so you can assign a view to someone in your organization for example a VP.

SB-2365 For views, add a 20 day option for case age

SB-2366 Asset categories view does not show yielded results

SB-2367 When creating an article, if you select a division, you can not remove the selection and go back to "All Divisions"

SB-2370 The modern editor did not convert HSL colors to HEX colors for Outlook making highlighting and text colors not appear

SB-2371 The modern editor did not put a default max-width of 750px on images on paste / insert

SB-2372 The modern editor did not auto-align left on insert

SB-2373 Removal of the center image option within the new modern editor as it does not work with Outlook

SB-2419 Customer portal - Liquid - Ability to get company information using the tag sb.company_details including customer fields

SB-2427 API - Add secondary contacts to the case and cases API call

SB-2455 Ability to edit and upload images and files to an already existing activity (internal note, etc)

SB-2480 Cannot read long notes without editing the note itself in company notes

SB-2494 Configuration - replace all color changers to upgraded HEX picker

SB-2496 Configuration - Make side menu collapsible when header is clicked making more room for the config section

SB-2501 Knowledge base - When viewing a kb article, the right panel should be resizable

SB-2507 Company view - contact list converted to new grid view, selectable columns, ordering, searching, and exporting

SB-2509 Company view - asset list converted to new grid view, selectable columns, ordering, searching, and exporting

SB-2511 Audit Trail - Display is now a sortable, filterable, search grid

SB-2517 unmerge button within case actions does not give a prompt or let you know that a case has been unmerged

SB-2519 Case view - when a case is merged, the case is within the activity created should be clickable to go to the case directly


Now fixed✌️

SB-1357 Custom field data for companies are getting entered as custom fields linked to contacts

SB-1361 Dashboard case count discrepancy from views

SB-1773 Supportbench email signature not formatted when creating new email activity.

SB-2099 When de-escalating using assign acitvity "de-escalation" with workflow, the acitivity type is made, but the case is not actually de-escalated.

SB-2101 More actions elipses within case view doesn’t populate options - neither does the “show more” within case summary.

SB-2119 When creating a new activity, if you select "email" then swap it to "internal note," the contacts email remains in the TO field,.. potential to inadvertently email customers internal notes.

SB-2143 When editing an article thats in a review status, clicking the edit icon redirects you to the article list as opposed to inside the article.

SB-2173 Articles that are in draft are showing as Requires Review.

SB-2175 If an article is created, then it has to inherit ALL of the roles within the container hierarchy by default

SB-2177 after you vote on an article, the category list on the left side of the screen becomes duplicated.

SB-2202 Cannot export more than 10,000 rows via a view (Excel)

SB-2211 When an article is submitted for review that has multiple drafts, the earliest draft is shown to the reviewer by default. It should show the newest.

SB-2214 Workflow for notifying on articles submission for review will fire off on the first submission review, but wont fire on any other submission if returned back to the author for changes.

SB-2217 company summary page typo

SB-2218 "SLA Response status" doesn't yield results

SB-2219 Role name is not being displayed on the left tab when editing a role

SB-2220 SLA Scorecards aren't being calculated properly

SB-2224 Setting your availablity state will fail to load the change state popup for up to 5min

SB-2229 Community portal reporting tab yields no results within given time frame. OR the PDF is blank

SB-2230 Article portal link cannot be navigated to

SB-2232 Portal security doesn't lock the search down to specific containers ... All articles within containers are available with a search.

SB-2233 Containers on the landing page show no articles when customer roles are assigned to them with a restriction on containers

SB-2234 "Outcome" is always present within case closures ... reagrdless if included in the closure policy.

SB-2236 Custom fields sync'd from Salesforce are ignored when the value is null

SB-2237 For contacts assigned to multiple companies; when using SAML authentication on the customer portal, the pop-up to allow the manual selection of what company to login as does not work.

SB-2257 Unable to send code snippets with to customers when creating new activities, specifically Javascript

SB-2258 accent aigus are causing inaccurate text within text editor

SB-2269 Views not exporting all visible data (Division column missing)

SB-2275 Articles appear out of order

SB-2277 New API JWT tokens are not valid if the expiry date is set past 2035

SB-2279 SB occasionally spins when selecting a container in an already existing article

SB-2282 When the agent starts typing in the Asset search box on a case, it only shows inactive assets from the full asset list.

SB-2285 SLA Values within KPI scorecards are inaccurate

SB-2289 When searching the KB internally, if searching within a container, the search doesnt search on articles within sub containers

SB-2292 Company and Contact Roles are not saved correctly with agents that don't have community profiles

SB-2294 Containers are automatically being assigned divisions. If you try to remove the division and save, the division will reappear within the container

SB-2297 Search within case activities does not yield results

SB-2298 When you leave the default article reviewer requirements blank, it is ignored and reviewers are unable to see the articles in the to be revewed container

SB-2299 When creating new articles on small screens, the buttons overlap and dont fit on the screen

SB-2300 When a role permission doesnt not allow transfer or archive permissions for articles, the knowledge base article list still shows the select all checkbox

SB-2301 When impersonating a contact, the contact id will display in lowercase letters rather than the actual casing of the id

SB-2302 When creating a contact community profile manually, the id will save in lower case and not the actual casing the contact id.

SB-2303 When adding multiple case content phrases within a view, the view would fail

SB-2304 When adding search content to an activity view, the view doesnt return the correct results

SB-2305 Hard to select the Minutes and Hours within the time spent field when opening a case

SB-2306 When selecting a dropdown list with a search function, the search should be focused on automatically

SB-2308 Company Roles Sticky

SB-2312 Link in KB does not work from article preview

SB-2313 When querying for cases with a company within the API and a case has a tag attached, the API can fail in a 400

SB-2314 Rows are appearing within the XLS export of case lists that should not be there when the the option "only display cases in list" is set within a view

SB-2316 Cases that are older than the designated case re-open limit can be opened via the portal

SB-2317 Client sever counts are off

SB-2318 Older cases can be re-opened through the portal regardless of the case re-open limit

SB-2320 If you schedule an event within a case or within the calendar itself the event does not show.

SB-2322 When queries a large case list data set from the API, the query could time out

SB-2323 When removing the option "Hide time spent" within a case policy view, it is being ignored

SB-2326 the contact_id and company_id returned via the API does not return the correct case sensitivity for some records.

SB-2327 When loading a company or contact view, malformed case summary in the case history stops the page from loading

SB-2329 Attachments are not embedding into the Activity

SB-2330 MGS Webhook workflow firing twice

SB-2334 Split case dates incorrect

SB-2335 Unable to search for article ID within KB (inside sb)

SB-2341 Variable drop-down not working in legacy editor. Example: creating a template

SB-2343 Modern editor enlarges signature logos (pictures) regardless of the sizing parameters you place.

SB-2347 The first issue type created is never available as a parent option for sub issues

SB-2348 When date specific views are created there are no results

SB-2350 When searching for a case the "last activity" is actually the creation date of the case, not when a activity was last created.

SB-2351 When you insert image into the middle of the content, it actually shows on the left.

SB-2353 Case template content does not save (in new or legacy editor)

SB-2357 Images pasted within Devops comments are not appearing within the comments in new supportbench activities

SB-2358 External SRC and HREF query strings are being stripped within activity content when being viewed

SB-2363 Default pasted images to be left aligned as opposed to centered.

SB-2374 Custom fields not populating in data view columns

SB-2394 When creating an activity view if you set the "Activity Type" on the activities tab, for example: "De-escalation"... the page redirects to an error.

SB-2400 BI - Add max date sync option to admin options

SB-2401 BI - Add option to view connection string

SB-2402 BI - Add option to create new connection string

SB-2407 When exporting a view to XLS, it can fail if the company name is not included within the export column list

SB-2418 Custom field values displayed in Case lists and Customer views for checkboxes sometimes display the wrong value

SB-2423 When a role is assigned with a division that has child divisions, some lists within the admin interface will not display its child item

SB-2426 When creating a new case from a templated case, workflows are being fored on that new case

SB-2428 Counts - Unassigned tasks dont add to the task count number in the nav bar if the case is assigned to that agent.

SB-2434 Priority dropdown broken after splitting activity to new case

SB-2435 Views - Using the option "Was in Queue" does not always return cases that was in a queue

SB-2436 Search - When searching on strings with non alpha numeric characters, it sometimes will not return a result with those characters

SB-2437 Search - When searching for cases, the results are not always accurate or return in the most relevant order

SB-2438 Search - The results when searching on cases is slow

SB-2439 Search - The case result count only reflects the results visible not the entire count of the search

SB-2440 Calendar - Calendar events for cases are not displaying within the case calendar tab

SB-2441 Calendar - Events that are 30+ days from the case creation date do not display within the case calendar tab

SB-2444 Search - Case ids are not being returned

SB-2453 Time range filter in views sometimes pulls in cases from a later date (the next day)

SB-2458 CSV exports between 1000-2000 cases will fail to complete the whole export

SB-2459 Case view - saving custom fields can sometimes cause duplicates entries in the database causing scheduled workflows to fail on a check on it

SB-2460 Scheduled workflows by default include all cases within checks instead of closed ones

SB-2461 Within the workflow admin page, when you toggle between multiple active workflows, the previous custom field requirements are still visible

SB-2462 Admin - Custom fields are not loading when divisions are set

SB-2472 SLA - Manually set SLAs, calcualted response times are using the workflow response time and not the manually set SLA date

SB-2473 SLA - When cases are replied to out of SLA hours for a first response, The sla response time is ignored and not logged as being met

SB-2474 SLA - The wrong SLA is used on cases with only one activity attached to them when replied

SB-2475 Case view - If a case was created without a division, new activities can fail to load

SB-2476 Bulk Responding - When a template is applied, new bulk responses are auto-loaded with the same template content

SB-2477 Administration - When outcomes or issues types have more than one division, they sometimes do not display

SB-2491 Blank drop down when changing case contact

SB-2493 When trying to add a link within a template, the option to add the URL does not appear (ctrl +k).

SB-2495 Setup - walk through icon loading logo and not icon after reload

SB-2512 Embedded images not always loading or appear as corrupt

SB-2513 Asset export does not work

SB-2516 Editor - width and height attributes did not translate down to the style tags effectively

SB-2518 Editor - query strings following the URL are stripped from href and src properties


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