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Team Collaboration


What is Team Collaboration?

In todays ultra-competitive market a CRM tool must empower your support agents to provide the best customer experience ever, it is no longer simply a tool to collect data and receive emails. And at Supportbench, we do exactly that. Agents within the same Division or Team (depending on your business requirements) can readily review Tasks and Activities that are already completed or need to be done. Additionally, agents participate in discussions at length with other agents on cases. Any communication, task or activity accomplished can be instantly shared with your team (just set up your workflows.) In this way, we can ensure that no actions or tasks are duplicated, and team collaboration on certain cases can massively improve your customer’s experience.

What are the Benefits?

  • Prevent duplicated tasks, activities and boost team efficiency. 

Within Supportbench, one major function of our system is to provide the best possible team and customer experience. By being able to be notified and see other tasks and activities done on cases within your case list, we prevent any duplication which increases overall team efficiency. Don’t spend time on tasks that are already done and pinpoint your focus on what matters.

  • Discuss cases with other agents within a case and increase overall agent performance.

Its no secret that being able to collaborate, discuss things and bounce ideas off other agents can be an integral part in providing the best resolution possible. Simply, some of our best work as Humans comes from being able to have a think tank with others. Supportbench realizes this and empowers you to have discussions and colloborate on certain issues.

  • Import and share documents

Depending on your team or department, its seldom that you’ll come across a process that doesn’t require documentation. Easily import and share documents or email threads with customers and your team – additionally, create documents within your templates to easily streamline processes. Especially on ducoments that require collaboration.

You can also create cases into documentation for your knowledge base, and share that with your teammates. 

  • Integration of other channels

Supportbench allows you to integrate other channels (Slack, Salesforce, Octa,and social media.) Across the channels, agents will be able to see and dicuss on different varibales concerning cases. 

How to use it?

Discuss cases:

  1. Navigate to a case
  2. Click on Disucss


Share Documents:

  1. Naviage to case
  2. Drag and drop your document or email thread into the activity you’re creating 
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