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Real time Agent Status



What is Real Time Agent Status?


Agent status is a supportbench feature that allows agents to display their circumstances to the rest of their team. Every single minute of communication between you and your clients is important, through agent status you can easily keep track of who is available to handle a case. If you have round robin set on a queue, cases will automatically not transfer to agents with an offline status.


What are the Benefits of Real Time Agent Status?

  • Improved communication:

This simple feature makes it resoundingly easy for agents to determine who is available to handle a case and can be indespensable for remote teams. It allows them to stay up to date on what everyone on their team is doing.

  • Simplified Round Robin routing:

Supportbench can take into account an agents status before automatically assigning cases to them via Round Robin and only assign to agents are in a “Online” or “Away” status. This elminates the possibly that cases are routed to agents that are offline or are not prepared for a case.


How to use it:

  1. Go to Configuration > Organizations > Agent status
  2. Click “New Status” and begin to create your own custom status.
  3. Next, navigate to your profile icon and click “set a status”


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