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What are Workflows?


The new normal within the business community, defining your workflows cuts out menial and repeatable tasks and automates them. They increase overall efficiency and productivity while also minimizing room for human error. This requires in-depth examination of your business procedures so that you can understand where the areas are in which you can increase efficiency.


The benefits of integrating workflows into your business:


  • Eliminate redundant tasks

With a quick google search, you can find out that workers spend, on average, over 500 hours a year on repeatable tasks that could easily be automated. This translates to over 1.8 trillion a year in lost capital. With supportbenches workflow systems, these tasks are done for you. Configure your workflows to have certain triggers that automatically delegates and completes tasks.

  • Increase productivity

Your agents will feel the difference after your workflows are defined. Since workflows are automated, your team will save alot of time sending emails and updating information within their work tools, freeing up alot of time for your employees to focus on other tasks. Supportbenches workflow feature is incorporated with ultra-customizable templates, which can be used to manage and automate all types of corporate activities. 

  • Reduce errors

Eliminating all errors is impossible. But, when using workflows, because most data will only have to be entered once, and most steps are recorded by 24/7 auditable data, errors are less likely to happen and can be adjusted in just a few small steps. 

  • Improve customer experience

Because your small mundane tasks are all automated and cases end up exactly where they should be (because of your workflows) for the correct agent to work on, agents will have significantly more time to focus on whats important. The customer experience and resolving their issue.  Additionally, theres less room for error, which means services are more likely to be delivered on time and correctly. 

  • Increased scalability

To scale manual proccesses, you have to hire more people or increase your employees workload and be prepared to deal with a increase in errors. Supportbenches automated workflows allow for many redundant tasks to be done all at once..Which means less of a workload for your agents and becase things are automated, they are done quicker. 

Increase your speed in providing exceptional products and services while also avoiding incurring any additional staffing costs. Higher efficiency means you can increase your output! 



How to set up your first workflow:


  1. Go to Configuration > Workflows > New workflow
  2. Give your workflow a name
  3. Navigate to “Rules” and select what you would like this to apply to, for this example, choose “cases.”
  4. For “When is this workflow run” select “On Escalation” 
  5. Choose your intended variables with Requirements and Conditionals (if you need help here, feel free to reach out to us at support@supportbench.com)
  6. Next, under “Actions” select “Assign to Queue” and select your Escalations queue.


Here’s a quick video:


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