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SLA Management


What are SLAS?

Simply put, SLAs (Service level agreements) are a commitment, either between your agents and their supervisors or the service provider (you) and the client. It is the never ending process of making sure all the services you provide are being fulfilled and care for.

What are the benefits of SLAS?

  • Increase your agents key performance indicators

SLAs help increase your agents key performance indicators such as first response time, response time and time to close a case. By setting your SLAs, you can establish response goals by issue, asset and priority, allowing for a vastly improved customer experience. This will directly increase your organizations NPS and customer satisfcation scores, while also driving individual agent performance. 

  • Reach all support and service goals

SLAs are vital because they can help you expand your support desk offerings by increasing your ability to monitor and report on service and support goals.

  • Improve your clients customer experience

When you have set your SLAs and have organized your business processes in Supportbench (with our help) you will find that case resolution time will dramatically decrase. This is because there is now a agreement on the service you provide/

How to use them:

To begin setting your service level agreements:

  1. Go to your configuration and navigate to Workflows.
  2. Click “New Workflow” and give your workflow a name.
  3. Navigate to rules and select “Cases” under “What would you like this to apply to?
  4. On the same page, under “When is this workflow run?” select “On SLA Calculation (target first response)
  5. Next, we set our desired agent first reponse time, and our requirements.



Here’s a quick video on setting your target first response SLA based on priority:







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