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2021.11.05 - Supportbench release


Health Scoring and Health Risks:

An exceedingly powerful tool for customer retention. This feature gives your organization the ability to track the "Health" of each company; allowing you to make decisions based on company needs - your agents haven't been opening cases quick enough for Company X? No worries, lets make sure they know its now a priority to white glove them and get that Health Score back up to where it should be! 


Enabling Health Scoring and Health Risks: 

Configuration > Account > Features Modules > Health Scoring – we’ve just added customer health and organizational scoring mechanisms to Supportbench! (It could take up to 24 hours for insights to become available)



In order to see a newly generated Health Score per company: 

Configuration > Customers > Companies. 

This value represents the overall Health of each company.




View health insights:

Simply click the generated score underneath the Health Score column in order to see metrics such as, NPS, CSAT, CES, average response time and much more. 



In order to view organizational health insights: 

Configuration > Health Insights – this is great for uncovering any potential organizational problems. 





Set companies as Champions, Needs attention or Danger (high risk): 

Configuation > Customers > Companies > Click into the company name > Update company > Health Scoring.

Or click on the edit button to the right of the generated health score in the initial companies page (Configuration > Customers > Companies > Edit) – this is great if something important like a renewal is coming up and you want your agents to show a little extra love.



For a deep dive into this new feature, check out the video below! 














New features

SB-1754 - Health insights now available within the reporting navigation.

SB-1728 - Ability to add notes to contacts.

SB-1707 - New company dashboard specifically for health scoring detailing all health related scoring / metrics over the last 180 days

SB-1706 - New companies at risk dashboard detailing all companies with a score<60. < pan>

SB-1703 - New insights dashboard at an organizational level.

SB-1699 - Add health score, risk level and health comments to the company page.

SB-1672 - New section within the company editing section to set a customer health risk level, comments, and ability to disable scoring for a company.

SB-1669 - Add new score for 80 percentile activity count on a case.

SB-1668 - Add new score for 30 day closure rate.

SB-1667 - Add new score for 7 day closure rate.

SB-1666 - Add new score for same day closure rate.

SB-1665 - Add new score for case re-open rate.

SB-1661 - Add customer health fields to a customer policy to be configured, including health score, comments, and risk level.

SB-1660 - Add a new module for health scoring disabling health scoring for an account.

SB-1637 - New quick link icon to create a case from the company or contact summary screen.

SB-1451 - New draft mode on activities to allow activities to live in draft until closure.

SB-1450 - Salesforce - Ability to synchronize data objects into company / contact data tables.

SB-1425 - New company / contact field for Customer Success Agent.

SB-1330 - Agents can view all KPI scorecards, new role setting to limit access to only view their own scores.




SB-1761 - When administering agent views from the configuration, the name should be clickable to get to the view data itself.

SB-1749 - New role option to limit an agent from searching on JIRA issues if the JIRA integration is installed.

SB-1721 - Items sync'd to Salesforce always update even if no changes are new.

SB-1714 -Text analysis of activity keywords is now within a background task speeding up customer facing activity creation times.

SB-1670 - Increased the speed and performance by paging results that are to be processed.

SB-1664 - Sentiment score should be calculated based on data 80 percentile.

SB-1663 - First response time score should be calculated based on data 80 percentile.

SB-1662 - Response time score should be calculated based on data 80 percentile.

SB-1649 - Add the case support level as a column within the case, survey, and activity views.

SB-1648 - Change the default ordering of the knowledge base landing page to show most recent articles, then ordered by views.

SB-1643 - When clicking on the company within a case view, the company name is duplicated.

SB-1639 - The system audit log was updated with a new helpful and filterable reference column.

SB-1634 - The template section is better formatted and now displays the templates that are hot topics.

SB-1633 - Hot topics within the case addition screen better formatted.

SB-1632 - Add first_activity_content to the list of editor variables available.

SB-1630 - Add the ability to display a company parent to the case summary via a case view policy.

SB-1629 - Ability to specify a custom Contact / Link Object for Salesforce data table synchronizations.

SB-1626 - Ability to export the asset list from the asset configuration section.

SB-1625 - Ordering of assets within the administration section is now ordered by active then by inactive assets.

SB-1614 - Queue dropdown lists now show the hierarchy of the queues in proper order.

SB-1607 - Company Merge Alert Has No Title.

SB-1534 - Emails that come into the system from an agent, IF the case contact is not them, make the activity as private.

SB-1517 - Addition of columns case subject and case status to the activity view.

SB-1442 - Ability to add / remove agents from teams from within the team screens.

SB-1378 - Dashboard - Add KPI for First Contact Resolution (FCR).

SB-1377 - Score Card - Add KPI for First Contact Resolution (FCR).


Now fixed

SB-1760 - When grouping is set to Status, only one status is grouped.

SB-1758 - Survey and activity views do not set the order by in the interface when updating if the first item is selected.

SB-1757 - Survey views does not set the group by within the update screen.

SB-1755 - Escalating and De-escalating case notes encode the Mac keyboard apostrophe rather than display an apostrophe.

SB-1753 - When you set a view to group by state, you should not have a daily targets grouping.

SB-1752 - When you have the search set to ALL, the KB is not always searched.

SB-1751 - If the knowledgebase is disabled, a service called is still made looking for items in the knowledge base using the ALL option.

SB-1750 - If JIRA is disabled, a search call is still made looking for items in JIRA using the ALL option.

SB-1748 - The role setting to disallow JIRA issue creation should not display the issue creation button at all.

SB-1746 - The case list grouped headers flashes and sometimes displays no value just a count when you refresh.

SB-1743 - Mentions don't get updated as viewed.

SB-1742 - Last 3 days of mentions sometimes dont show up.

SB-1739 - Mention notification badge display's at the bottom not the top of the mention icon.

SB-1737 - The ordering within the scheduled views could potentially not display correctly.

SB-1731 - When viewing any phone number edit box, the country flag is not displayed.

SB-1730 - When manually creating a new case, when you create a new contact, the phone number box is almost unusable.

SB-1729 - When loading a case list, if there is an escalated activity, the escalation icon is placed to the very right and not in the proper order.

SB-1727 - When a default signature / email address is found, case previews within the case list will fail to load.

SB-1726 - Recent case list within the case insights section includes merged cases.

SB-1725 - The custom field drop down list does not load within the API.

SB-1724  - Error thrown sometimes on company searches.

SB-1723 - When creating a new activity and selecting the email option manually, the contact's email and secondary contacts were not pre-selected in the email lists.

SB-1722 - Changing an activity type when creating new activities triggers a post.

SB-1719 - When filtering a view on an asset category, the results could return NULL.

SB-1717 - Selecting an agent on the dashboard from the agent online status widget returns no data.

SB-1716 - If an empty string is entered and saved into the activity content, the the text analysis will fail.

SB-1715 - Keyword extraction within the text analysis schema was alerted causing an error.

SB-1713 -  An error occurs if the sentiment or mood analysis engine does not respond back fast enough.

SB-1671 - Response times should not include cases within only one activity linked to the case.

SB-1652 - Search is not brining back results as expected.

SB-1647 - When long unbreakable subject lines are shown in the contact / company summaries, the view all case activities button is hidden.

SB-1641 - Case Shown in View All Acitivies Is inccorect.

SB-1638 - When more details are displayed in the activity view, the article suggestions box is squished.

SB-1636 - When you apply a template when adding a case, the hot template button appears for no reason.

SB-1635 - Hot topics only display templates on the division set within the template and fail to display global hot topics.

SB-1631 - When loading the case transfer popup within the case view, recent transfers displays even when no one made a transfer recently.

SB-1627 - The Asset list never returns more than the first page of assets.

SB-1624 - Ability to pre-populate case fields for case submission within the customer portal / community from URL parameters.

SB-1623 - When creating a case manually, when setting a case division from a template, the division never gets set.

SB-1622 - The MTTR widget is displaying dates 1 month into the future not giving an accurate trend line.

SB-1621 - The KPI scorecard for companies, the company search does not search.

SB-1620 - When an agent status is set manually to offline, the offline status is not reflected in the status icon and always reads green / online.

SB-1619 - The dashboard agent status widget data is not taking into account the selected division.

SB-1618 - The agent status widget data is not accurate.

SB-1617 - There is no ordering on the agent status widget on the dashboard.

SB-1616 - There is no ordering on the agent activity widget within the dashboard.


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