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Knowledge Base Authoring Interface

Article Authoring Interface


Summaryupdate all the article meta-data and set the article options.
Case Meta-DataArticles also have case meta-data assigned to them. This allows searching within related articles and cases and allows you to datamine your relationships.
AssetsView / Update assets related to the article.
LinksAssociate an article to a company or relate article together.
AttachmentsUpload and manage your article attachments.  You can drag and drop attachments to the article and links will automatically be created to them.
EditorEdit the body of the article.
HistoryView all the previous article content histories. 


Article Options


Published state

  • Internal: The article is only visible by internal users.
  • External: The article is visible internally and externally in your communities. 


  • Requires Review: Article requires review before it is published.
  • Published: Article content has been reviewed and is live with no further action needed.
  • Edit Required: Article requires edits before being published.
  • Retired: The article is retired and no longer available.


  • Tags are used to define keywords as well as placement within containers. 
  • The  button is a quick way of inserting the tags required for the article to be within a specific container.


Manually adjust the ordering of the article within a container.

Review date

When this date has passed, the article action is triggered. This allows you to keep on top of your articles ensuring your content is up to date or remove articles passed on dates.

Review action

  • Assign to expired queue: Default queue within SupportBench which is a place holder for expired articles.
  • Assign to author: Assign the article to the originating author. 
  • Archive: Automatically archive the article and remove from knowledge base.


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