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2021.09.01 - Supportbench Release

New rich text comment box within the customer portal with inline image pasting when submitting new cases

The public customer portal / community now has the ability to submit formatted notes on case creation.

Enabling the new comment box:

  • Go to Configuration → Self service → Communities
  • Select the portal you would like to enable the box on.
  • Scroll down to the “Submit New Case” section.
  • Within the code, replace the below line:
    <div id="text_comments_html"></div>


    <div id="text_comments_html"></div>
    <textarea class="form-control" id="text_comments" name="text_comments" rows="10" style="display:none"></textarea>


  • Save your site.

  • A new box will be available when customers submit cases.


Round Robin queue assignment based on an agent assigned Asset or Asset Category

Within a queue, there is a new option to enable round robin by asset or an asset category.  What this means is; if a case comes into the queue, cases will only be assigned to agents that have that asset assigned to them within their profile. To enable this feature, you will first have to assign an asset or an asset category to the agent within their profile.

Assets to agents:

  1. Go to Configuration → Organization → Agents.
  2. Select an agent to add assets to.
  3. Click on the Tab “Assets”.
  4. You can assign assets directly to an agent or an entire category.


Turn on Round Robin by Assets

  1. Go to Configuration → Organization → Queues.
  2. Select the desired queue.
  3. Scroll down to the “Case auto-assignment” section.
  4. Find the option “Assign cases based on case asset” and enable it.
    By enabling this option, when a case enters a queue, that case will only be assigned to agents that have that asset assigned to them in the profile.


Ability to add templates and variables to an escalation type.

To make things more effitient, you now have the ability to add dynamic templates into an Escalation type.  This template will populate on the selection of the type allowing you to have pre-formatted escalation notes before cases are escalated.

  1. Go to Configuration → Cases → Escalation Types
  2. Select a type from the list.
  3. Scroll down to the new Template section.

  4. Save your template.


New Feature


  • Customer portal HTML comment box when submitting cases with inline image pasting.
  • New role option to control what agents can update agent asset associations.
  • Ability to RoundRobin cases within the queue based on the agents assigned assets or categories.
  • Ability to link Assets or Asset categories to an Agent.
  • Article recommendations on cases being created based on the subject / summary of the case.
  • Article recommendations on articles on incoming cases within the case view section.
  • Ability to add real-time search of the KB to input boxes within the community / customer portal.
  • Ability to auto-suggest articles on portal fields \(i.e. search and case subject lines\).
  • Ability to add a template to an escalation type.
  • Sentinel Integration



  • Supportbench now supports persistent logins.
  • Select a company from the KPI list to on demand.
  • Internal agents that send email into existing cases not assigned to them as a contact should be marked private by default.
  • When trying to save a custom field, changing the field type causes a JS error.
  • The case peek button will sometimes display at the top of the case summary and not the bottom.
  • Added a new "Do nothing" article expiry action for expired articles.
  • Ability to add variables to an escalation template.
  • Make parent case active after merge and notify owner.
  • Ability to change the working hours of an agent within the profile by each day.
  • Notification for case when watching a company should mention the company name.
  • Links within the search are now HREFs allowing middle clicks as well as a new go to button to popup the item in a new window.
  • Added new trail code check for the trial, sales needs to be contacted for a trial before.
  • Ability to add customer AM, TAM, CSM and custom company / contact fields to the case view summary section.
  • Company and contact search within the mobile app searches the whole database and not just the page.



  • When loading the score card, the JS error is thrown in the console.  "Syntax error, unrecognized expression: .closed-today".
  • When loading an asset with no parent in the asset edit box, the parent drop down can fail to load.
  • Workflows looking for an NPS score can trigger an error within the workflow when they are null.
  • Logo flashes during loads when custom logos are used.
  • When changing the default grouping to "No Grouping" within your default settings, "No Grouping" is ignored and still grouped.
  • HTML or code snippets within the portal is sometimes not translated to HTML encodings.
  • Some HTML tags can trigger javascript within them.
  • Script is running on an activity.
  • When looking for an asset by name within an incoming email form, the asset never maps.
  • Sorting on activity views are not consistent with created / modified fields.
  • When an agent views and item, when it is logged it is slow.
  • If you disabled the role option, "Ability to add new agents", you loose the ability to save existing agent profiles.
  • Role asset options are being displayed even tho the asset module is disabled.
  • View settings for Created = Last Week returning results outside of range.
  • When opening the agent list / queue list , the counts and states are not updated in realtime.
  • The audit trail would not expand the reference column within the background task.
  • SSL certificates are not able to install on certain data centers.
  • If the article action is null, the scheduled clean up to deal with expired articles add a new event to the audit trail every 15min since no action is taken.
  • When saving an article, expired action is not saving.
  • Cases within the portal can sometimes not load when a multi-dropdown list has no values saved within the case.
  • Company and contact notification variables sometimes do not expand.
  • Asset list within the community will return only inactive / deleted assets.
  • Action tab link count always displays 0.
  • Inactive assets are being returned within the customer portal.
  • Assets in asset list not showing inactive assets.
  • When viewing a password field on a data table with multiple tables in the view, the password unhides the wrong item.
  • When creating a survey field, the agents default division is set in the background causing others in different divisions unable to view them.
  • The view options for "owned by team", "in queue", "not in queue", "was in queue" does not take into account children items.
  • If an activity has missing content, the created date and subjects do not load correctly.
  • After changing the contact on the case, the edit button for the contact does not work.
  • Missing MIME type for EML files.
  • Case view in community broken when custom fields are created for multiple divisions.
  • When not logged in, there is a 10 second delay redirecting to the login page.
  • Custom fields within the portal case view section are not filtered by the division within the policy.
  • Regex Match Backtracking Causes thread abort and possible CPU increase.
  • Ability to exclude incoming, outgoing, or all email from certain email addresses.
  • The case view button within the company / contact preview windows dont load within the company/contact view.
  • Linked articles within the article tab goes to a page not found.
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