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2020.03.01 - Supportbench Release

There has been an incredible anount of development over the last 6 months in which we rolled up into this release.  Please have a full read and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

2020.03.01 Release Highlights

Activity Icon Within the List Now Shows the Case Status Color

The activity icon within the case list now in circled by a colored border.  The border reflects the case colored status (in which you can modify within the case status configuration)

Case Peeking and Quick Reply

The activity icon no longer displays just the last activity, if you click on the activity icon within a case list / view, the Peek feature will display giving you a summary of the contact, case details, and all activities within the case.

4 Buttons are displayed at the top right.

- The plus sign button will forward to the case view to create a new activity.
- The reply button will allow you to create a quick reply within the peek panel.
- The Trash button will allow you to quickly trash the case.
- The close button will close peek panel.

Full Activity History Within a Case

You can now view the full activity history by enabling the “view case history” button within a case activity.

New SLAs for Case First Reponse, First Assignment, Response Time, and Case Closure Time

You can now define when and what type of SLA is hit.  The following SLAs are now available:

  1. Target First Response
    The target first response if set, will be the first SLA that the SLA time due column is created from and will trigger IF no response to the customer has been set.  A response SLA will be satisfied once any SLA reset activity is created.  This could be an outgoing email, phone call, or custom defined activity type.
  2. Target Assignment
    The target assignment if set, will set the SLA time due IF the target first response is satisfied but there is not yet an owner on the case.
  3. Target Response
    The target response if set, will set the SLA time due one the First response and First assignment SLAs have been satisfied.  Every next response will be defined to this SLA time.
  4. Target Closure
    The target closure if set, will set the SLA closure time.  By default the closure column is not within case lists of views and will have to be added manually, but is calculated in the background.

Link Related Companies to a Contact

You can link multiple companies to a contact.  This will give you the ability to have contacts that display within multiple companies, but still be associated to one main company (i.e. contractors working on behalf of)

Assign Default Reply Address to a Division

When multiple divisions are used, you can assign a default reply address to ensure if an outgoing email goes out, the default of the case division is used if no address is specified.

View Who is Online or Not

To better know who is online and available or not.  The status of agents (wether they are online or not) will be displayed on all transfer lists.
You can enable agent availability within the Account → Policies configuration section. 

New Feature

* [SB-344] - Restrict articles by company tags / contact tags / company id / contact id
* [SB-692] - New duplicate incoming email check to stop duplicate messages from being sent into the system
* [SB-717] - Duplicate incoming emails are now grey listed stopping spaming auto-responders and spammers
* [SB-727] - View full case history and export case history to PDF from within the case view
* [SB-731] - Dashboard - Article contributors / authors - top 15
* [SB-732] - Knowledge base - link to recent cases
* [SB-737] - Ability for the community administrator to create and manage a companies contacts
* [SB-738] - Ability to view sub companies if you are assigned an administration role in the community
* [SB-739] - Ability to create a sub company within a parent company within the community
* [SB-740] - Ability to link multiple companies to a contact
* [SB-750] - Re-designed search experience
* [SB-755] - Create projects for cases
* [SB-756] - Support for project versions
* [SB-757] - Support for project types
* [SB-758] - Ability to restrict projects to divisions
* [SB-759] - Ability to create views with project properties
* [SB-768] - Ability to bulk respond to the case contact within the case list and views
* [SB-775] - Use LDAP for Supportbench authentication
* [SB-781] - Add new per region Redis caching servers
* [SB-782] - Ability to set a work-flow cycle to stop if a particular work-flow is hit
* [SB-788] - New Case Score Card Metrics
* [SB-793] - Article detection warning, articles can no longer be edited if someone else is currently editing the article.
* [SB-794] - Ability to view who is currently viewing and editing articles
* [SB-795] - New case closure policy requirement to enforce articles being linked on cases
* [SB-796] - Dashboards now support the ability to display by agent
* [SB-797] - New role permission to only allow agents to view a dashboard for their own statistics
* [SB-798] - Ability to export case / view lists as both PDF and Excel files
* [SB-801] - New option within case views for data grouping / pivoting.  Option is available within the case list options section.
* [SB-802] - New option to save the case view grouping / sorting state for future use.
* [SB-803] - Case lists / views now can be sorted by multiple columns
* [SB-805] - Column filters within the case list now include multiple ways of filtering (includes, contains, between, starts with, etc...)
* [SB-813] - Projects and their version should be available within the customer portal and controlled via the case policy
* [SB-814] - On case company / contact summaries, a new history button is now displayed allowing you to see the entire case history on a click
* [SB-817] - Ability to change the date and time format within the account policy
* [SB-820] - Project Analytics
* [SB-825] - Ability to modify the case creation date via a new user role option
* [SB-826] - Ability to pin cases on case lists and views superseding the SLA ordering
* [SB-827] - New option within the configuration section to view the raw audit log
* [SB-838] - Search can now search all items in the system and you can select what to search on from the drop down.
* [SB-844] - The ability to clone a workflow
* [SB-846] - Ability to execute a specific workflow manually from the community via a button click
* [SB-858] - Added Emojis to toolbar and auto complete within the editors
* [SB-878] - Ability to add a due date to a case
* [SB-881] - New case list column to show the last activity solution on a case
* [SB-912] - New SLA reset action to workflows allowing you to trigger a hard SLA reset on activities.
* [SB-917] - Ability to choose Community logo / Community URL within workflow variables
* [SB-918] - New workflow option to action on what community the case was triggered on
* [SB-919] - The company and contact requirement field is not loading within the workflow after saving
* [SB-946] - Ability to choose what email from address the email templates use within a community
* [SB-1009] - Ability to bulk transfer articles to other agents
* [SB-1010] - Ability to bulk archive articles
* [SB-1034] - When opening the agent / queue lists within the case list screen, display the case counts of each item
* [SB-1106] - Add custom SSL certificates allowing mapped CNAMES for SSL
* [SB-1108] - Remove email signatures from incoming emails and email replies for better sentiment analysis
* [SB-1114] - Added the ability to log both sentiment and emotion of activities and activity phrases
* [SB-1119] - Ability to copy another communities pages into another community
* [SB-1129] - Allow community case policies to be based on customer role and community
* [SB-1135] - Add activities created and their types on the KPI scorecards
* [SB-1136] - Add global search function within asset list
* [SB-1141] - Ability to individually block email addresses from being sent to particular addresses i.e. noreply@...
* [SB-1146] - New workflow to trigger on first case assignment to owner
* [SB-1147] - New option for tasks to set the due date as a relative data/time allowing templates to use relative task due dates
* [SB-1156] - New workflow condition looking at the last activity created on a case
* [SB-1157] - Add Note fields to case addition policy
* [SB-1160] - Case preview within the communication hub now shows a case summary including prev activities



* [SB-265] - Company Merging
* [SB-621] - Remove all onclick events from incoming emails embedded within html tags
* [SB-623] - Assign a default reply address per division
* [SB-626] - Within the calendar view in a case event view, the left hand upcoming menu should popup the event for editing if event has not yet passed.
* [SB-706] - Ability to filter on names / email addresses / phone numbers within the mobile app company / contact lists
* [SB-707] - Company and contact details tabs within the mobile apps should display details saved if data found.
* [SB-708] - Contact list within the mobile app should display the company name if associated to one
* [SB-709] - Phone number within the mobile app within a contact should be clickable to open the phone launcher
* [SB-710] - New button when viewing a company and contact within the mobile app to open a new case for that company/contact
* [SB-712] - When brining up a companies contacts at a parent level, the list should include all child contacts from related companies
* [SB-713] - Reduce page sizes by inserting viewstate management on the server and not on the client
* [SB-714] - When creating a new activity from a case within a queue, the grab case popup should occur at the start of the new activity process rather than the end.
* [SB-715] - Cascading drop down lists should be available within the community case creation section
* [SB-719] - Mobile apps will now use regional data centers improving performance
* [SB-720] - When creating a new event from within a case, the calendar events tab is not reloaded
* [SB-723] - Ability to create reminders on calendar events
* [SB-728] - dial number from app
* [SB-733] - Knowledge base - when in a container, search should reflect the articles within the container
* [SB-734] - Case list / view - New case history button to show all case history in a popup
* [SB-735] - Case list / view - New column to show case linked articles
* [SB-736] - Add case history button to new activity creation screen allowing to see previous activities
* [SB-754] - Improved color picker on all screens to allow more flexibility in choosing colors.
* [SB-762] - Add new default container for Edit's required within the main knowledge base view
* [SB-770] - Within the main navigation calendar event, the case id should be click-able and go to the case
* [SB-772] - Display a show more button for calendar event summaries within the case view
* [SB-780] - Within the company/contact pages, the Recent History title should point back to the case list section.
* [SB-786] - New view option to find all cases that had terms/phrases within the case activity contents
* [SB-787] - New view option to find all activities that had terms/phrases within its contents
* [SB-789] - Case collision detections should occur before the activity editor is loaded and allow you to cancel creation going back to the case.
* [SB-790] - When a case collision alert is ignored, it should be logged in the audit trail.
* [SB-806] - Case lists are now cached making sorting, filtering, and grouping fast.
* [SB-807] - Change SLA from Command Center
* [SB-811] - Case list - Add outcome column
* [SB-816] - Record who the last case owner was in the database
* [SB-818] - Added new calculation to the case creation table calculating the case closure time in min
* [SB-819] - Track the case first ownership time and who that owner was
* [SB-853] - Ability to resize columns and save them within views to its viewstate
* [SB-864] - Allow a view to filter companies to all its children if selected
* [SB-865] - Added the ability to stop all sorting from the view so that the viewstate order could be used instead
* [SB-897] - Ability to add a subject line to activities
* [SB-906] - The forgot password link within the community doesn't display an error message on username error
* [SB-910] - Add the ability to go to the next case or highest priority case
* [SB-948] - Ability to access the case status color in new liquid variable "status_color"
* [SB-950] - Add new columns to the case list for the community
* [SB-954] - Add IMG lazy loading to drastically improve performance on activity / article / community content with images
* [SB-957] - Enable azure blob file caching on azure blob CDN and header tags
* [SB-958] - Added 5 more form lines to the Email routing form parsing
* [SB-960] - Case closure screen should be loaded if closed case status is set enforcing policy
* [SB-962] - When email routing form contact is specified, create the contact if it's not found
* [SB-964] - Don't show the selected cases you are merging within the merge list
* [SB-965] - Allow filtering of cases within the merge list
* [SB-970] - Updated client side scripts with vulnerabilities
* [SB-1004] - Cases in Child Queues should show in case list
* [SB-1006] - Migrated scheduled views into its own section under reports
* [SB-1007] - Migrated knowledge base into its own section under reports
* [SB-1037] - The agent summary dashboard widget should include the agent status on the left as well
* [SB-1093] - Convert default profile images to initials rather than icon
* [SB-1094] - Improved case collision detection
* [SB-1095] - Display images within case activities as a lightbox popup making it easy to scroll through image attachments
* [SB-1115] - New Community portal reply activity type added
* [SB-1117] - Added a "Reply above this line" on outgoing email replies to minimize email threads
* [SB-1118] - Send ICS file to agent if there are attendees to a calendar event
* [SB-1127] - Calendar events require a properly formatted summary email
* [SB-1134] - The dashboard widget "Cases created by type" renamed to "Activities Created"
* [SB-1148] - Clicking near the checkboxes within the case list go to the case instead of checking the checkbox
* [SB-1154] - Dramatically increase the speed of case views and list
* [SB-1155] - Dramatically increase the speed of community knowledge base



* [SB-669] - Copy company mailing details option is shown when editing a contact when the policy disables the company field
* [SB-670] - Contact custom fields are shown regardless of set options in the policy
* [SB-682] - Calendar events breaks when you create a single event that starts on one day and it's end time goes beyond 12am
* [SB-694] - Workflow Process was throwing an error when checking restricted days.
* [SB-698] - The case list option "Show agents / queues from all teams" does not save on subsequent requests
* [SB-699] - Activity variables within workflows would sometimes not expand out
* [SB-700] - Push notifications on web browsers are not working
* [SB-701] - Push notifications on web browsers are not working when working within the application
* [SB-702] - Re-installing the Supportbench mobile apps do not re-register to receive push notifications for different logins
* [SB-703] - When looking up a contact with no email address within the API, a random contact with no email address will return
* [SB-704] - LiveChatInc web widget would sometimes not refresh the current contact on load
* [SB-705] - LiveChatInc web widget would double load on first time widget load
* [SB-711] - Ability to add calendar case events to team and global calendars
* [SB-716] - New event created within cases with only a contact did not load the contact email address automatically within the recipient list
* [SB-718] - When adding and removing the summary column from the Case view the column would not be removed correctly
* [SB-721] - Calendar events sometimes do not delete
* [SB-722] - When creating a new event, even if the use default from address is checked it is not used.
* [SB-724] - The event count on the calendar in the main navigation window does not show the time as it comes closer to the event.
* [SB-726] - Incoming emails are not associated to their companies based on the registered domain
* [SB-730] - Community viewstates were not using any account_id causing major performance issues
* [SB-741] - Case list export - When a duplicate custom field name is used, the export fails.
* [SB-742] - Mobile app cache buster not formating correctly
* [SB-749] - Internal articles are able to be returned within the community portal search results
* [SB-751] - Search tags longer than 25 characters are not saving
* [SB-752] - Case list views did not follow the current date/time for time calculations
* [SB-753] - Within the case addition screen, the default agent division was not being set on load
* [SB-760] - Case issue administration list was not ordering by the category first
* [SB-763] - When uploading a new image into the library or any file repository, the image is cached and not showing the new reflected file
* [SB-764] - New articles don't allow you to choose "All Divisions" and force your default division on article creation.
* [SB-765] - The container lists within the knowledge base include un-selectable containers (edits, pending review, retired)
* [SB-766] - When viewing a company/contact case list within the case list view, the url us unable to be refreshed and returns a page not found error
* [SB-767] - Upgraded CKEditor to latest version resolving the image2 conflict in the browser console
* [SB-769] - The role option "ability to view audit trails" allowed users to view the audit trail.
* [SB-771] - The calendar event count is reading 0 when events in the future are occurring
* [SB-773] - The calendar event count is now showing up close to the event time
* [SB-776] - Article workflows would not fire on article creations
* [SB-777] - Workflows will always hit as true when using the activity content requirements
* [SB-778] - Modified last was not trigging on workflows
* [SB-779] - Company and Contact summaries within the case views are displaying merged cases
* [SB-783] - Article container is unable to be created from the knowledge base tree menu
* [SB-784] - If a security role does not exist, the heart beat counts will fail in the top navigation
* [SB-785] - When updating a company or contact within a case, after you click save the throbber will never stop.
* [SB-791] - Case collision expiry was not properly set and would never delete
* [SB-792] - Case collision counts were not displayed within the case view navigation
* [SB-799] - When the option "refresh on new notification" is enabled within the case list, Firefox will go into a refresh loop.
* [SB-804] - Custom fields within the case list / views were unable to be sorted or filtered on
* [SB-809] - The last queue is never being logged after a case is transfered into the queue
* [SB-810] - If you transfer a case to yourself by accident, you are removed as a watcher
* [SB-812] - Project and project versions are never loaded in th default case lists only views
* [SB-815] - When searching for a contact on the main search, if they are not linked to a company the search result will never return
* [SB-821] - Full text searches are not including stop words causing a not true boolean search for case and article searching
* [SB-822] - When searching the knowledge base, articles not tied to a container is not searchable.
* [SB-823] - When searching on articles in the knowledge base section, the article count is set to the browsing count not the search count
* [SB-824] - When searching content within the knowledge base or case history, the rank was sorted in reverse
* [SB-828] - Dashboard not loading content
* [SB-829] - Project Analytics button and Event Log Error
* [SB-834] - Some case columns within the case list are unable to be sorted and cause and error
* [SB-835] - The case list contact email column does not display or load
* [SB-836] - Case view breaks in Edge when randomly
* [SB-837] - After changing the default case list view, on login the view is not used but your case view.
* [SB-842] - Attachment file links in outbound emails are not getting appended to the file making the links unusable
* [SB-843] - Deleted contacts are unable to create new community portal accounts
* [SB-847] - If a default view is set, when you close a case it goes to owned cases rather than going back to the default view
* [SB-850] - The cache was not using the local cache before the redis servers making performance much slower than nessesary
* [SB-852] - You are unable to delete a views viewstate thereby never adding/removing columns from the list
* [SB-854] - The asset page sorting goes to a blank error page
* [SB-856] - Within a survey, checkboxe labels are unreadable
* [SB-857] - The option "modified in last X days" option in workflows was not firing for scheduled workflows.
* [SB-859] - Multi dropdown or tag list custom fields were not displaying the values within the customer survey analytics section
* [SB-860] - The calendar ICS sent on calendar events does not include the event description
* [SB-861] - Creating a calendar event within a case doesn't work
* [SB-867] - The case addition validation was not firing on issue selection causing the validation to always read as required
* [SB-868] - The case activity would sometimes not load when loading a case
* [SB-869] - The case list modified date is not sorted properly
* [SB-870] - When using common sequences within the editor, they are replaced with HTML unicode characters.
* [SB-880] - SLA workflow is not being trigged on case status change
* [SB-884] - Within the community, the color picker makes a lot of white space
* [SB-885] - Calendar count not working when close to event and time is off again
* [SB-886] - When you insert an internal article to an email, its attachments are not included
* [SB-887] - Temp attachments are deleting right away rather than having an 8h temp window
* [SB-888] - Logo, Fav icons on existing communities are not saving
* [SB-889] - Scheduled data views did not take the "include child companies" option into account
* [SB-890] - When loading a new template, the company, contact, project templates were not copied from the global template
* [SB-891] - When creating a new community, the community theme images are not being displayed
* [SB-892] - When new communities are created, the CSS background images are not being translated to the new community id
* [SB-893] - Communities are loading the global and default template overriding any CSS changes
* [SB-894] - When an ajax call is made, the CSS and JS are reloaded breaking the page for new server calls
* [SB-895] - There is no close button on community message notifications
* [SB-896] - When clicking on the enter key within the filter configuration section, company, or contact areas, you would go to the login screen
* [SB-902] - Community messages were not sorted by priority
* [SB-903] - When editing another agents profile removing work queues was failing
* [SB-904] - When you reset your password, the screen that comes up next shows the LDAP drop down
* [SB-905] - For case activities, the activity creator is always shown as the contact and not the engineer.
* [SB-907] - When clicking on the login / account creation / forgot password screen, the screen goes blank
* [SB-921] - Mentions list duplicated mentions for user
* [SB-922] - Community double loads in the background on AJAX requests
* [SB-923] - Community company and contact filters are not working
* [SB-924] - When adding / updating a queue, the queue drop down list is not being removed from the cache
* [SB-947] - Pinned cases are not working for views
* [SB-951] - Exporting to XLS fails when data begins with a (=, -, +) as it thinks its a formula
* [SB-955] - The community_logo_ tag was not working for customer survey email initiations
* [SB-956] - The maximize button in the toolbar editor for customer surveys did not work
* [SB-959] - Division parent list not loading
* [SB-961] - The case closure screen if there are too many fields doesn't scroll and allow you to close the case
* [SB-963] - Recent case transfer list for the bulk cases option is not loading
* [SB-966] - The scheduled data views are displaying the date/time in UTC time rather than the view TZ
* [SB-967] - SLA Performance Widget Error
* [SB-969] - Performance optimizations (file caching, CSS bundling, UI load before running of scripts)
* [SB-971] - Jquery load order on Min.Master was incorrect
* [SB-972] - Remove colum from case list
* [SB-973] - Creating a queue
* [SB-975] - When clicking on a community link in the community list, the page locks up
* [SB-976] - The trial tour buttons have disappeared after bootstrap 3.4.1 upgrade
* [SB-978] - Calendar Javascript was using deprecated JQuery Code
* [SB-979] - Calendar Events showing double ago in notification body
* [SB-980] - Mobile New Case creation throws a javascript error
* [SB-981] - Mobile Clear notification option in the menu bar does not work correctly
* [SB-982] - Case List on mobile site shows broken styling
* [SB-983] - Login page on mobile shows broken styling for mobile
* [SB-984] - Mobile History dropdown automatically closes on the calendar page
* [SB-986] - Mobile Contact Create Error When Double Clicking Company Mailing Details button
* [SB-987] - Everytime you click on an existing community a new community is created
* [SB-988] - Community users can't upload attachments when creating new cases
* [SB-990] - When creating a case with a dropdown, receiving the error "Uncaught TypeError: $(...).select2 is not a function"
* [SB-991] - Multi-select dropdown / tags displayed with a width of 0px when creating a new case in the community
* [SB-994] - Ordering Knowledge Base Articles by Modified By column does not work
* [SB-999] - Error in browser with duplicate Viewstate id being created
* [SB-1001] - Agent profile is not loading the JS properly and causing bad data to be saved
* [SB-1002] - When going to GTM integration, the recent item list displays NULL value
* [SB-1005] - DataViews when set to run at 5pm PST will execute a day earlier
* [SB-1008] - Slack integration does not install correctly
* [SB-1011] - Broken Icons on the WorkFlows configuration page
* [SB-1012] - Color picker for case priority configuration pushes content down the page when opened
* [SB-1013] - Search results do not break on long words
* [SB-1014] - User Case Stats always show 0 on user profile
* [SB-1016] - Working Days on user profile is shown on top of the phone number dropdown
* [SB-1018] - Calendar tab is showing in case view when calendar module disabled
* [SB-1019] - New calendar events were not loading company contacts
* [SB-1020] - Workflows with long names would fail to create a copy
* [SB-1021] - Knowledge base analytics query was short circuiting
* [SB-1022] - Some Fields in Case View List fail when loading
* [SB-1023] - Knowledge Base Reports link shows even when knowledge base is disabled
* [SB-1025] - Knowledge base article options show even when you change contianers
* [SB-1026] - Custom Field Items list showing all items when should only show active
* [SB-1027] - Typos in the knowledge base dropdowns
* [SB-1028] - Knowledge Base Article Select All option shows when know articles are in list
* [SB-1030] - When there are no options within a cascading dropdown, the dropdown is not rendered
* [SB-1031] - When attempting to delete a scheduled data view, the throbber shows and locks the screen
* [SB-1032] - When sorting on an agents list, only one column is displayed
* [SB-1033] - Username Field Is Always Blank on User Profile Page
* [SB-1036] - Articles that are not linked to a container will not appear in search results
* [SB-1038] - Last Activity column can destroy case list
* [SB-1039] - Last Solution Column breaks case list
* [SB-1040] - In Knowledge base the my assigned article count can show the wrong value
* [SB-1042] - Knowledge base article list when sorting by newly updated the modified date is actually the created date
* [SB-1043] - Article List Community comments modified column uses the created date
* [SB-1044] - In the Article List when you select a division the list should be reloaded
* [SB-1045] - Article transfer pop up disappears when after selecting then de-selecting the show all users option
* [SB-1046] - Article Edit has a random textbox in the file upload section that does nothing
* [SB-1052] - Article Edit: When you try to enter a invalid article to link to the overlay is never removed
* [SB-1055] - Asset Category Name Field not checking for enter key
* [SB-1056] - Article Container Name is not checking for enter key on input
* [SB-1058] - Project Type Configuration Fields are not checking for enter key on input
* [SB-1061] - Account Authentication Page fields do not check for enter on input
* [SB-1067] - Case Priority Configuration page fields does not check for enter on input
* [SB-1068] - Case State Configuration page does not check fields for enter on input
* [SB-1069] - Activity Type Configuration page does not check fields for enter on input
* [SB-1070] - Case Link Type Configuration Page does not check fields for enter on input
* [SB-1072] - Case Outcomes Configuration page does not check for enter on field input
* [SB-1074] - Company Type Configuration page does not check for enter on input
* [SB-1075] - Contact States Configuration page does not check for enter on input
* [SB-1077] - Support Levels Configuration Page does not check for enter on input
* [SB-1081] - KB Review Groups Configuration page does not check fields for enter on input
* [SB-1082] - Case activities with tables are not closed properly when there is more than 250 characters in the activity body
* [SB-1096] - When a queue has multiple children cases that are in the parent queue can be shown multiple times
* [SB-1097] - New Initial Avatar has text left aligned
* [SB-1100] - Calendar - Clicking on a time does not load the correct time within the event popup
* [SB-1109] - The Next Response Due column within the customer portal is incorrect
* [SB-1110] - Remove bad characters from incoming emails
* [SB-1111] - When you reply to an email autoresponder, the email will go to the route email and not the email from
* [SB-1112] - The ordering for customer policies do not order the columns as they should
* [SB-1113] - If you have multiple from addresses, the reply address of outbound emails with non email activities is not set to the default address
* [SB-1116] - Custom field linked lists are not displaying their values (tags, mapped, multi-dropdown)
* [SB-1120] - When viewing the results of a scheduled survey, the custom fields don't show on the list
* [SB-1121] - Unable to change the order of the case subject or status within a policy
* [SB-1122] - Case collision avatar badges are broken when it's just the initials
* [SB-1123] - Can not add Office 365 outgoing mail servers, fail with error "BDAT command has been rejected by the server. The server responded: 554"
* [SB-1124] - Creating a case calendar event on the same day fails to show on calendar tab within the case
* [SB-1125] - Calendar invites in some cases were not sending out the proper subject lines in ICS files
* [SB-1126] - Calendar updates are not updating within Outlook
* [SB-1128] - Deleting a mention does not delete the user mention within their mention feed
* [SB-1130] - Workflow doesn't fire on case reopen when an activity type is used within the workflow
* [SB-1131] - Mapping fields within the case closure screen do not load
* [SB-1133] - The case backlog number within the dashboard is not taking into account cases closed on the same day
* [SB-1137] - When clicking enter within the company/contact/asset search boxes, Supportbench would logout
* [SB-1138] - When you reply all, if the to address is within the CC list, the email will come right back into the system.
* [SB-1139] - Some emails would be malformed because of DIVs closing prematurely
* [SB-1140] - When inserting a signature manually, if the personal signature overrides the address signature, use that one instead
* [SB-1142] - Case list is not refreshed on a new notification if the page has not had notifications yet
* [SB-1143] - Notifications are not being sent on child work queues
* [SB-1144] - Web browser push notifications are not working
* [SB-1149] - Deleted custom fields are showing within the customer portal
* [SB-1151] - Significantly increase the speed of case lists and views
* [SB-1152] - Add new audit event to log what community cases were created in
* [SB-1158] - Case policy ordering for custom fields did not reflect the correct order
* [SB-1159] - SLAs within the views are not correct on the default sort



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