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Asset Categories and Assets



Assets are items that you define to be something that you support and want to track.  This could be a computer, piece of software, a car, etc. 

There are some special options attached to an asset that you can leverage when managing your assets.


  • Version
    Use this field if you would like to define a simple version or additional identifier for this asset.​
  • Parent
    Relate assets together for chains of related assets. i.e. Product 1 --> Product Version 1
  • Categories
    Lock an asset to specific asset categories.  This allows you to group assets together to better manage and report on.

Asset Category

An asset category makes it easy for you to categorize types of assets that you support.  For instance, if you are supporting a software product you could have something similar to the below and place your assets within them.

  • Network

    • Firewall
    • Email
    • Web Filter

Putting assets within a category also helps you report and produce analytics on like items.



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