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Workflow - trigger on hashtag

What is a hashtag workflow

A hashtag workflow allows you to trigger a workflow based on a hashtag within the first 100 characters of an activity.  For instance, you can create a workflow that says, if within the first 100 characters of an activity the hashtag #sales is found, transfer the case to the sales queue.

How to create a hashtag workflow

  1. On the top navigation menu, click on “Configuration” → “Workflows”.
  2. Add a new workflow.
  3. Give your workflow a name and click on the rules tab on the left.
  4. Apply the workflow to a case and select the “When is this workflow run” option to on hashtag.
  5. Add the hashtags that you want to trigger on..
  6. Select the logic to execute the hashtag on.  The hashtag will only execute if all the requirements or conditionals are met.
  7. Save the workflow.

How to trigger a workflow via a hashtag

All you need to do to trigger a workflow is within the first 100 characters of the activity, add the hashtag. 


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