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Sending an SMS notification via a workflow

Workflows are an incredibly powerful way to automate tasks and stream line your process.

How to create a workflow

  1. Within the main navigation bar, click on “Configuration
  2. On the left hand bar, click on “Workflows”.
  3. Give your workflow a name and click on “Rules” on the left hand side.
  4. Select “Cases” under the “What to apply to”
  5. Select when the workflow will run.  i.e. On case update
  6. Select all of the properties that this workflow will trigger on.


How to create a workflow SMS notification action

  1. Within the workflow, scroll down to the last section “Actions” within the workflow section.
  2. Select the action “Notification”.
  3. Scroll down to the “SMS Options” heading and select “Enable SMS
  4. You can either send to a specific SMS numbers comma separated or send the message to the assigned case contact mobile number (if one exists).


SMS pricing

SMS pricing is an extra cost to your account and will added to your monthly invoice.  Currently the pricing per SMS message sent is at 2.5 cents per text message.


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