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Interface Overview

The Supportbench interface consists of 2 sections.  

Main Header

The header houses all of the global sections within Supportbench. 

Submit a new caseManually create a case in Supportbench.
Work queuesYour work queues is an aggregated list of queues marked as a favorite.  The number displayed is the open case count currently in your work queues.
Command centerThe command center is where all case, activity, and article lists can be viewed and generated including, owned items, data views, queues, and community forums
Knowledge BaseView your knowledge base, create new articles and view article containers.
CalendarThis is where you can manage and view your calendar, team calendars, and global calendars.  The number displayed is the number of events related to you for today.
DashboardThis is where you can create and view a quick snapshot of what's going on within the system.  This can be restricted by an agents role.
AnalyticsSystem analytics for your cases, knowledge base and community. 
SearchThis is the global system search which will search everything within Supportbench from case histories, articles, customers, contacts, and settings.
Settings & ConfigurationConfigure and manage all Supportbench settings here.


Helper Section

AlertsDisplay all of your recent notifications.  
FavoritesA list of all of your favorite items.
RecentA list of all of your recently accessed items in Supportbench.
ProfileThis drop down is where you are able to access your profile, log out, lock your screen, or ask Supportbench support for assistance.


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