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Create a data view

A data view allows you to create case or activity views to get to data that is important to you.  You can filter on a large number of items and customize different fields to display depending on what you want to display.

Create a data view

  1. Go into the case listing screen in the main navigation “Cases”.
  2. Click on the new view button beside the view list.

  3. The view configuration section is displayed with the following sections.
    SectionWhat it does
    ViewThe main view properties including who has access to it and what type of view it is.
    PropertiesThe global properties of the view.  This includes filters such as creation date ranges, states, owners, and divisions.
    CasesProperties that are specifically linked to cases.  This includes satisfaction scores, nps, issue types, and outcomes.
    Activities(Activity type only) Properties that are specifically linked to activities. This includes activity flags, sentiment, types, and sla infractions.
    AssetsReturn cases that are linked to either to specific assets or an asset category.
    CompaniesReturn cases that are linked to specific companies.
    ContactsReturn cases that are linked to specific contacts.
    Ordering & ColumnsSelect the columns you want the view to be displayed, the order of the rows and select the column order.  

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