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The Website Widget


You know that little help bubble you see at the bottom of some webpages? Well, Supportbench realized the power widgets can have in boosting your Customer Experience and went to work. This little bubble packs a CX punch! 


Our widget holds the power to decrease your support volume while also increasing your customer engagement.


Customers can search articles, topics and answers to questions asked by customers within your community. Think of it as immediate access to a forum with limitless amounts of knowledge on your product.


Or, if your customers need further help or notice something can be improved on:



They just click need help, fill in the fields and a case is submitted directly to your desired queue. 


What are the Benefits?


Support widgets make it easy for customers to get help on every web page of your knowledge base. No need to scroll to find an FAQ link. Or to search the site for a “contact us” form. 


The goals of a support web widget are to:

  • Nudge customers toward your self-service resources
  • Allow visitors to easily message your team
  • Lower your support volume while also increasing customer engagement

Adding a web widget increases support visibility, and customer engagement.


And for things that can’t easily be resolved via self-service, this gives your clients a easy, direct way to contact your team. No need to compose a new email. Click once, and their done!


How to add our widget to your website:


Simply add our code block to your website or knowledge base:


The website widget can go on any html page and load up the ability to browser / search the KB and raise cases either anonymously or by the user if the option is filled in.

  1. First create the widget under the Self-Service section and fill in the relevant details including the domain you want to authorize for it.Take note of the widget unique ID.

  2. On your website, you have to add the following Javascript file:



Community example:

4. Save your page and try and load the widget.





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